Bernard Grinn

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Bernard Grinn
Unknown Male.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Never Seen
Occupation Australian Defense Force Spokesman

Bernard Grinn is an unseen Dead Island character and spokesman for the Australian Defense Force. In the final cutscene, he is being interviewed by the radio host:

Dead island ending dead Jin Bernard Grinn.jpg
Some have claimed that the virus is only the first wave of a massive international terrorist attack and that the intentions are global. Bernard Grinn, spokesman for the Australian Defense Force, denies the claims.

Dead island ending Bernard Grinn mentions Charon.jpg
There is no basis for these ridiculous rumors. The entire island is under military quarantine and the maximum security prison is completely secure. The hacker known as Charon and every other terrorist imprisoned there isn't going anywhere. Humanitarian aid is on its way and you can be sure that the virus, or whatever it is, will not leave the island.