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Dead island afran bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Afran's Camp in the Jungle
Quest Soldier of Fortune
Weapon(s) Attack icon.png  Auto Rifle
Race Australian
Voice Actor Roy Vongtama[1]
Occupation Jungle Warlord
Dead Island Survivors

Afran is a warlord who survived the outbreak in Dead Island. Living in his compound in the Jungle, he and his men raided River Village and stole their supplies, guns, and their boat. He is encountered by the hero in the quest Soldier of Fortune.


[edit] Soldier of Fortune

When the hero encounters him at his compound, he retreats to the second floor of the boathouse and opens fire on the hero with his soldiers. However, the hero is able to defeat Afran and bring the boat back to the village.

[edit] Trivia

Dead island afran's gun shooting glass.jpg
  • There is a possible legendary weapon called Afran's Sidearm which may have been scrapped and which does not appear in the final version of the game. The picture sidearm is from developer's mode.
  • If the hero uses a machete or other sharp weapon to chop off the limbs of Afran's corpse, a muscled limb will pop off his body instead of his armor limb. Instead of the muscled limb replacing the armor limb, both will lay side by side, an apparent bug. Also, when chopping off Afran's head, instead of his actual head and helmet, the head that is decapitated is one of a regular soldier.

[edit] Survivor Dialogue

Time to die!

Guess I'll just have to kill you myself!

I’m going to enjoy this![2]

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