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Assassin's Greed
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Creates Tesla Bomb Knife Mod

Deathstalker Mod
Paralyzing Strike Mod
Sticky Bomb Mod
Toxic Mod

Venom Mod
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Assassins Greed is a Dead Island random legendary weapon knife that can appear randomly in metal chests and on slain zombies[1][2][3] for level 20 and above heroes.[Verification needed] It is similar to the weapon Master Chef and Zed's Demise. The stats appear to be random, but it has a low durability, 20-30 range, which is unusual for its status as a legendary (orange) weapon.


[edit] Random potential locations

The hero can scavenge over eighty craft parts and weapons from the bodies of the dead and slain undead, metal chests, metal wardrobes, luggage, etc, called loot. The item is chosen randomly from a master list. The master list is different for each area.[4]

"Amount" is the number of other loot items which possibly can be be spawned in the same location.

Assassin's Greed can be sometimes found randomly in these locations:

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All Legendary (Rare) Weapons in Dead Island. Assassin's Greed at 4:34

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