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Banoi Holiday Resort
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Location(s) Location icon.png  Golden Beach
Diamond Beach
Hotel Bungalows
Golden Bungalows District
Diamond Bungalows
Golden Beach Bungalow
Lifeguard Tower
Surf Shop
Royal Palms Resort
Lighthouse Gas Station
Tunnel Gas Station
Ocean Caverns
Old Marina
Old Marina Workshop
Bunker 01
Bunker 02
Bunker 04
Bunker 06
Heavenly Beach
Country Beach Bar
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The Banoi Holiday Resort, also referred to as the Banoi Beach Resort[1] and sometimes just as the Resort, is one of the major areas in Dead Island that makes up the island of Banoi. The Resort area consists of all the hotels and bungalows and other attractions. More than 60,000 people visit the resort and the rest of the island each year.[2]


[edit] Locations

Popular locations include the Royal Palms Resort, the lighthouse, the lifeguard tower and several bungalow districts, including the Silver Bungalows District, Hotel Bungalows, Diamond Bungalows and the Golden Bungalows District. The Ocean Caverns are located on the north side of the Resort area as well as the Old Marina and Old Marina Workshop. One of the gas stations can be found near the lighthouse where the other can be found near the tunnel to Moresby. Three bunkers can be found spread out on the beachfront, once used by the Japanese military in the past.

[edit] Revolver location

Dead island revolver resort diamond beach.jpg
Dead island revolver resort diamond beach map ID card 8.jpg

One of the few locations where the hero can find a gun in the resort is in a Diamond Beach Beach Bar. A revolver next to a dead body.

[edit] Maps

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[edit] Trivia

  • On one of the billboards along the main road between the bungalows and the beach is sprayed graffiti that informs survivors to meet at the City Hall, indicating that one or more people intended to flee to Moresby for safety.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] References

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