Black Hawk Down

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Black Hawk Down
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Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Lifeguard Tower
Difficulty Medium
Quest Giver John Sinamoi
Survivor(s) Nikolai
Experience Points 2400 XP
Reward Shock Mod
Description Investigate the helicopter wreckage and get Nikolai safely to the bunker.[1]
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Born to be Wild
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Misery Wagon
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Black Hawk Down is a main quest in Dead Island. Nikolai was flying in a helicopter when it experienced some engine problems. As seen by the hero from the exit of the parking garage at the resort, the helicopter was smoking heavily and was destined to crash. After being told to investigate the wreckage for survivors and supplies, the hero finds Nikolai, who explains that he was trying to escape, but the chopper crashed, due to it "not being Russian" and his satellite phone was destroyed as well. He requests to be evacuated to a bunker, which he saw from the air just before crashing. Once inside, he informs the hero that his comrade, Sergei Kletska is residing in Café Kiev, his restaurant in Moresby which will have an extra phone. Nikolai sends the hero to find him. He promises the hero that if they retrieve the phone, he can get the survivors off the island.

Completing this quest gives the hero the blueprint to the Shock Mod.


[edit] Overview

Talk to Sinamoi at the Lifeguard Tower after retrieving the armored truck in the main quest Born to be Wild. Sinamoi heared over the radio that a chopper went down in the area and he wants the heroes to investigate.

[edit] Travel to crash site

Take the pickup truck from the garage to drive to the Lighthouse parking lot. When arriving at the parking lot, jump over the guardrail and head down the path that leads to the HELP sign. Follow the route on the minimap to the helicopter crash on the beach. Just beyond the locked bunker, the heroes are introduced to the Suicider in a cutscene.

Talk to Nikolai at the crashed helicopter site. He explains that before he crashed he saw a bunker by the beach and he feels this is a good place to hide from the undead.

If a weapon is needed, open the metal chest where Nikolai stands.

[edit] Following Nikolai

Follow Nikolai as he walks to an unmarked bunker that the heroes passed on the way to the crash site. Along the way, undead attack, focusing on Nikolai. Make sure he is not killed or the player will have to restart from the last checkpoint. The first undead are next to a ledge which cannot reach the group. An easy way to kill them is a Molotov ot the incendiary grenade from Sinomoi. Once the undead are killed, jump down from the ledge and collect the money and items from their dead bodies.

When the survivors reach the beach bungalow area, four infected run down the hill on a sandy trail to attack Nikolai. Follow Nikolai into the nearby bunker which is now unlocked.

[edit] Enter the bunker

Inside the bunker is ID Card #007, a workbench, a metal chest and a Fast Travel map. The sewer hole in the corner is a teleport to another bunker to the north.

Enter the teleport sewer hole in the floor. In this northern bunker there is another metal chest on a cot and some water bottles in the northern bunker. Through the next door is another room with another Workbench and another metal chest. Climb the ladder in this room to reach the bunker lookout tower where there is Fact Banoi Herald Excerpt #09 on a metal desk.

Talk to Nikolai and he rewards the hero with a machete, which is in his front chest body. Nikolai will move into a new position on the other side of the room. Talk to him again to begin the side quest A Voice From Above the Sky. This quest cannot be continued until Moresby City.

[edit] Return to the Lifeguard Tower

Consider using the Fast Travel map in the bunker to return to the lifeguard tower to talk to Sinamoi finish this mission and recieve the Shock Mod reward. Speak to him again to begin Misery Wagon.[1]

[edit] Trivia

  • The cutscene introducing the Suicider zombie will show all four survivors, even if less are playing, and even during a single player mission campaign.
  • This quest's name comes from the 1999 book and 2001 movie Black Hawk Down based on the Somali 1993 Battle of Mogadishu.
  • Modern Warfare 2 helicopter pilot's name is also Nikolai.

[edit] Map

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[edit] Video

Dead Island Walkthrough - Act 1 Chapter 3 - Quest "Black Hawk Down"
Dead Island Walkthrough - Black Hawk Down

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[edit] References

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