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Bloodbath Arena DLC announcement

Bloodbath Arena is the first special pre-order Downloadable Content (DLC) available for Dead Island, exclusively at Game Stop and via Steam for PC users.[1] After numerous delays, the DLC was available for download on November 22, 2011.[2]


[edit] Overview

The Bloodbath Arena DLC includes a survival mode where players, either single player or co-op mode, must endure hordes and hordes of zombies until their death(s). The pack includes four different arenas to choose from featuring endless waves of the undead. The player may gain experience points and loot that can be carried over into their story mode. Those who achieve high, record scores will be featured on the Xbox Live Leaderboard.

The pack also features a new weapon, the Sonic Pulse Grenade as well as a special weapon, the Ripper. The Ripper is a combination of the Baseball Bat and buzz saw that "leaves attacking zombies battered and bleeding to death."

If not purchased as a pre-order with the game, the DLC pack can be later purchased for $10.00[3]

[edit] Access

How to find Dead Island Bloodbath Arena

The arena is accessed from the resort jungle tunnel entrance, there is a door labeled "Arena Entrance" at the mouth of the tunnel. After entering for the first time, it is then found on the Fast Travel screen.[4]

Dead island travel to the arena lobby fast travel next to crash.jpg
Dead island travel to the arena lobby fast travel next to crash (3).jpg
Dead island travel to the arena lobby fast travel next to crash (2).jpg
Dead island bloodbath arena fast travel to arena lobby.JPG

[edit] Arenas

[edit] Arena Lobby

There are several survivors in the lobby, mostly BIDF Soldiers.

Survivors in the Arena Lobby:

Arlo KentBlaid YoungClive AnsellDel RawsonFrankie ChildeJaim HardyMajor DixonOwden TullyThobey GivensWes Tweddle‎ (merchant)

Arena entrance C and D is on the bottom floor. A and B is on the second floor.

The lobby has a workbench and the Red Hot Blade Mod blueprint on a table next to Major Dixon.[5]

fact #25

Fact (Banoi Herald Excerpt) #25 is found on a mattress in the sleeping quarters across the hallway from the arena A and B entrance.[6]

Fast Travel from resort Jungle Entrance to Arena Lobby

Dead island Jin's Storage metal chest next to wes merchant.jpg
Dead island Jin's Storage menu screen.jpg

Although Jin is not in the arena, her storage locker is, located next to the workbench and Wes Tweddle.

[edit] Arena A (Easy)

Arena A (Easy) starting with stage 6, see video above for Stage 1-5.

Mountain caves with a waterfall and explodible red barrels.

Wave Number of infected Type of infected
1 4 walkers, Native warrior
2 6 walkers
3 10 walkers
4 13 walkers
5 14 walkers
6 18 walkers
7 21 walkers
8 23 infected, suicider, walkers
9 24 infected, suicider, walkers
10 28 infected, walkers
11 27 infected, walkers
12 29 infected, walkers
13 31 infected, suicider, walkers
14 32 infected, walkers
15 32 butcher, infected, suicider, walkers

[edit] Arena B (Very Hard)

Arena B

Jungle bunker area with numerous stairs.

[edit] Arena C (Hard)

Arena C Bloodbath Arena
Dead island travel to arena c hard.JPG

Jungle area with grass over the height of the player.[4]

[edit] Arena D (Moderate)

A nighttime jungle village, with several platforms.

[edit] New mods - blueprints

Five new mods were released with the Bloodbath Arena. The Sonic Pulse Grenade was not released with this DLC.[7]

NameBlueprint LocationEffect and TypeCostParts NeededBase Item Needed
Poison Bomb
Dead island Poison Bomb.png
 Bloodbath Arena Downloadable Content (DLC), Arena C on the middle shelf by the boat in the wooden shack with the workbench. Thrown Mod
$50 Battery x1

Duct Tape x1
Metal Scrap x2
Wire x1
Wrist Watch x1

Red Hot Blade Mod

 Bloodbath Arena Downloadable Content (DLC), Arena Lobby on table next to Major Dixon Fire Mod
Fire x1, Critical +5%
$100 Battery x1

Belt x1
Duct Tape x2
Large Battery x1
Metal Scrap x1
Wire x2


The Machete

Shock Bomb
Dead island Shock Bomb stats.jpg
 Bloodbath Arena, Downloadable Content (DLC), Arena D, night time jungle village, in a hut on a matress Thrown Mod
$50 Battery x1

Duct Tape x1
Wire x1

Stun Bomb
Dead island Stun Bomb.png
 Bloodbath Arena Downloadable Content (DLC), Arena B in the tunnel just below the spawn point among the corpses on the floor. Take the ramp to the north down and make a U turn. The tunnel will be right ahead of you. Thrown Mod
$50 Battery x1

Deodorant x2
Duct Tape x1
Wire x1
Wrist Watch x1

Tesla Bomb Knife Mod

 Bloodbath Arena Downloadable Content (DLC), Arena A laying on the ground behind the rock at the north end of the arena (the arrow on the mini map points south) Thrown Mod
$50 Duct Tape x1

Large Battery x2
Nails x1
Wire x1

Assassin's Greed


[edit] Challenges

During some waves a player gets a challenge, which must be completed within that wave with to be rewarded XP:

Arena A (601 XP):

  1. Inflict elemental damage 5 times
  2. Kill enemies with fists only
  3. Kick 4 enemies off the edge
  4. Kill an enemy with fury
  5. Kill 2 enemies with throwing weapons

Arena B (?? XP):

Arena C (?? XP):

Arena D (629 XP):

  1. Kill 5 enemies with firearms
  2. Do not use dodge jump

[edit] Trivia

  • The four soldiers have the same first same letter as the arena they guard.[8]
  1. Arlo Kent - Arena A
  2. Blaid Young - Arena B
  3. Clive Ansell - Arena C
  4. Del Rawson - Arena D

[edit] Video

Dead Island: Bloodbath Arena Launch Trailer
Opening cutscene and arena lobby
Co-Optimus Dead Island Bloodbath Arena Impressions (Video) featured on Dead Island facebook

[edit] Gallery

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