Blunt Weapons

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Blunt Weapons are the second major category of melee weapons available in Dead Island. Although they generally don't possess the amount of damage over time or dismembering qualities of their bladed counterparts, they are capable of exerting extreme amounts of force. They also tend to feature longer reaches than most blade weapons, allowing for the user to remain further back, and therefore at lesser risk to taking injury. Instead of dismembering opponent's limbs, blunt weapons have a chance to break them, rendering the limb less usable. Blunt Weapons also have a chance to crush skulls when the opponent is struck in the head, instantly killing them.

[edit] List of Known Blunt Weapons1


1Although paddles, broomsticks, hatstands, and other environmental weapons are literally "blunt," they technically do not fall into this category. Skills affecting blunt weapons do not affect these types of weapons.