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Brand Champagne
Dead island Brand Champagne.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Royal Palms Resort Supermarket in Moresby
Quest Time for Booze
Dead Island Food

Brand Champagne is Dead Island food.

It is the quest item for Time for Booze, in which Svetlana would like as many bottles of champagne as the player will give her, in exchange for Diamonds.


[edit] Locations

  • The Royal Palms Resort in refrigerators (1 of 5 items). A lot can be found if the hero searches all the hotel refrigerators carefully during the quest Born to be Wild.
  • In the coolers of the supermarket in Moresby (1 of 5 items).
  • In Nick's Hub in Moresby, there is a refrigerator in the back room where the player finds Lucas, which has a good chance of containing Champagne (1 of 5 items). When it is empty, fast travel to another location and instantly travel back to search the refrigerator again. The champagne will respawn in the area and a player can aquire as many Champagnes as they like.

[edit] Random potential locations

The hero can scavenge over eighty craft parts and weapons from the bodies of the dead and slain undead, metal chests, metal wardrobes, luggage, etc, called loot. The item is chosen randomly from a master list. The master list is different for each area.[1]

"Amount" is the number of other loot items which possibly can be be spawned in the same location.

Brand Champagne can be sometimes found randomly in these locations:

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Brand Champagne farming methods:

Farming champagne in Act I
Farming champagne in Act II
Farming champagne in Act III

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