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The Dead Island: The Book announcement
"In the face of an unprecedented zombie apocalypse, they only have one thing left to do: survive!" —book description

Dead Island: The Book, a novel of Dead Island, was released in early September simultaneously with the video game. The book is published by Bantam Books and Transworld Publishers in the UK and written by Mark Morris.[1] The first 25 pages are available to read online for free.[2]

The novel will give "a terrifying glimpse into the horrors thrust upon the four individuals who have unwittingly embarked on the ultimate holiday from hell."


[edit] Book description

What will you do? How far will you go? What will you become?

Welcome to Banoi, a tropical island where you can leave the stresses of the world behind...

Welcome to the Royal Palms Resort – which offers its guests from around the world the ultimate in luxury and relaxation...

Welcome to the holiday paradise where your dreams should come true...but where a nightmare is about to begin....

Because a mysterious epidemic has suddenly, and without warning, broken out across the island. The local islanders, hotel guests and workers alike are struck down - only to rise again, craving the flesh and the blood of the still living. For four of the holidaymakers and a handful of others scattered around Banoi who are seemingly unaffected by the plague, they must face the awful, terrifying reality of a zombie apocalypse. Now there is only one thing left to do: survive.

Welcome to Dead Island... a paradise to die for.

[edit] Reception

The Sixth Axis site reviewed the book, writing, "The book takes time to find its footing but when it gets going Dead Island is a good read, especially during the final chapters. There is the occasional sag in pace but for the most part Morris keeps the action coming, also working in a number of secondary characters....Whether or not Dead Island is worth reading will heavily rely on how much of the game you’ve made it through. Having played up to about the half way mark reading Dead Island felt like retreading what I had already experienced, and what I hadn’t played was then revealed through reading the second half. It certainly isn’t a criticism of Morris’ writing which holds up throughout, but basing the book so closely on the already watered-down plot of the game was a bad move.

With a different panel of characters and perhaps set elsewhere on the island this novelization would probably have been a more interesting read and one that wouldn’t impact the reader’s experience of the game."[3]

Capsule Computers was disappointed with the book, "Aside from a few minor alterations, [the novel] follows the plot of the game...Disappointingly, while clearly leaving room for a sequel, the abrupt and inconclusive ending comes as a shade unsatisfying, and means that finding out what happens to Purna and co. relies heavily on the commercial performance of the game...With bloody dispatching of the undead and swearing throughout, Dead Island is most definitely an adult book, and even then, it could prove too strong for some adults, as the subject matter of a zombie apocalypse means it’s certainly not for the squeamish or those faint of heart. It’s a good read for those wishing to flesh out the story of the game, and the unusual setting ensures this isn’t your typical outbreak of an infectious zombie disease.[4]

Terror-tree raved: "Have no illusions, this pulp fiction but quality pulp; the writing a class above the norm and imbued with Morris’s signature exploration of fear and loss. Some of the characters are blatant survivor stereotypes but have been designed for the game and brought to life by Morris. The characters in the ‘game’, or in this case, the novel, become more than simple zombie fodder or avatars. The reader actually cares what happens to these people. There are lots of nods to the tropes of game play; a mysterious benefactor, the choosing of weapons, a martial arts expert and an open ending, but this novel still makes for a tremendously fun read."[5]

[edit] Major differences between the game and novel

There are major differences in the story between the game and the novel. The most striking difference is the novel's ending, in which Ryder White is not a villain, but a manipulated victim of a shadowy organization, called simply the Organization, whose point person in Banoi prison is a convicted terrorist, Charon.[6] Ryder is killed by Charon after he injects the untested vaccine into his wife Emily. Emily then attacks Charon and is killed while the heroes watch. They are then led in shackles to a helicopter and the story ends. A story similar to the book is found in an early version of the game, which can still be found in the game files, but were removed in the final version.[7]

Novel Game
Moresby seems to be a 10 minute walk from the Resort Moresby Is actually halfway across the island, over the bay.
St. Christopher's Church is called Moresby Church, and it through a jungle overhrowth near the slums. St. Christopher's Church is on the Border of the slums, with easy access to the city.
The novel begins with Logan, Purna, and Sam B flying into Banoi, sitting in the same section of the plane. Logan and Sam B explain their past in detail which is not available in the game. The three meet Xian at the reception. The three tourists also have rooms next to each other. The game begins with a cutscene of a drunk person crashing Sam B's party and meeting all of the guests.
Sinamoi is one man in a small one-room Lifeguard Station and helps Logan recover until the Heroes get back, a few days later Sinamoi leads a group of survivors at the Lifeguard Tower
All four heroes where guests of the National Blood Drive Campaign.[8] "All the playable characters in the game (Purna, Logan, Sam B. and Xian) came to The Island of Banoi for different reasons and have nothing in common."[9]
Logan is the drunk at Sam B's concert Someone else is the drunk at Sam B's concert.
The GeoPharm Laboratory is heavily guarded. The Lab is eventually overrun due to lack of security.
Kevin is Charon There is no Charon, and Kevin helps the survivors to escape the island
Jin is killed when she tries to grab the vaccine Jin is killed by Ryder when she released Emily onto him
Ryder White's wife, Emily was infected by the zombie virus intentionally by the Organization and has turned into a zombie. She is given the vaccine by her husband Ryder. Charon, who wants the vaccine to help make the zombie infection a viable weapon, shoots and kills Ryder in response. Emily mutates and grows three times in size and attacks Charon, who shoots and kills Emily. Ryder White's wife, Emily turns into a zombie, bites Ryder before being killed by him. Ryder kills Jin in response. Injects himself with the vaccine, mutates, and attacks the survivors.

[edit] Trivia

  • The plane that flew in the three American heroes is New Guinea International Airlines, flown by Captain Avery.[10]

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