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In Dead Island Riptide, there are different kinds of zombies that will be fought by the heroes. The zombies encountered in Dead Island all remain as threats to the heroes and inhabit Palanai. These zombies include the Infected, Walkers, Thug zombies, Butchers, Floaters, and Suiciders.

Four new zombies Grenadier, Wrestler, Screamer, and Drowner appear exclusively on Palanai.

The Kuru virus has also mutated as players in the game have seen the new zombies and bosses.

Zombie Types


The Grenadier is a zombie which throws chunks of it's own body at the survivors that can cause quite some damage if not avoided,your best choice to defeat this enemy is to move quickly in a zigzagging pattern towards it and attack it with melee weapons since it will stop throwing his chunks as soon as you are next to it. This zombie also has a slow swing that causes a bit of damage and in rare cases can knock you down.[1]


The Drowner is a type of zombie that makes its debut in Dead Island Riptide. Drowners are zombies that appear as lifeless corpses, submerged in water, but spring to life when a human walks nearby. They have similar attributes of Walkers due to their ability to grapple as well as an Infected, as they can sprint. They can attach themselves to boats when a human drive past but can be knocked off.



The Screamer is a zombie that show up late in the game of Dead Island Riptide. Screamers are zombies that look like a Ram and an infected but they don't have a straight jacket, they have a case around their head and an exposed brain that can serve as a weakness. They get their name from the attack that can make the player completely defenseless to attack.

Mutated Scientist

They resemble a Grenadier, but they act just like Walker. They show up in Dead Island Riptide, and you can't cut off their limbs.

Special Walkers/Infected

Along with the addition of new zombie types, walkers and infected are found in burning and poison versions around the island. While seen in the previous game they are found the in zombie journal when discovered and feature their own strengths and weaknesses . Burning/Poison zombies deal fire/poison damage when striking or grappling making them deadlier in combat. Burning zombies are resistant to fire damage while poison zombies will blind the player. Poison zombies however can be ignited instantly with fire and will continue to burn until death.

Zombie Bosses

In Dead Island Riptide, there are several zombies that are stronger than the average undead and are classified as "boss" zombies.


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Zombies in a beach house

Zombies are the undead creatures that have taken over the island in Dead Island.

A mutation of 2 diseases Kuru and HIV (Named Virus HK) have merged and has killed much of the island's population and turned them into mindless, half-dead creatures with an endless hunger for meat. The source of this condition - basically, zombification - affects some people differently to others; most of those that have been infected and left to decompose partially are turned into the slow-moving type of zombies called Walkers, while those that are recently dead and turned become the fast-moving Infected. This condition doesn't render the sufferers 'undead' in the literally sense - hacking off their legs is just as effective as a blow to the head (they can even die by drowning) but their brain has been affected, reducing them to base instincts of hunger and savagery. They also show a high tolerance to pain. .[1] Some people, under special conditions, have been turned into more powerful "super" zombies, such as the Thug, Ram, the Floater, the Butcher, and the Suicider.

Zombies may drop weapons or cash upon being killed and they will respawn once returning to a familiar area.

Many zombies can be seen wearing backpacks, MP3 players and other tourist apparel, in addition to bandages on limbs, signalling that they were bitten and attempted to treat their wounds but ultimately succumbed to the mysterious infection.

Zombie Types


A female walker

Walkers are slow-moving zombies and most common type of enemy populating the island. Generally, Walkers shuffle slowly towards you and lunge quickly to attack when they get close, but there is some variation to speed and alertness in the ranks of Walkers. They can be identified by their uncoordinated movement and skin tone - which is usually more pallid than a survivor's, and lined with raised veins. In addition, Walkers are usually partially eaten and decomposed. Be careful around zombies feeding on corpses - sometimes the corpse will rise as a Walker once the other zombies are alerted. Walkers may carry weapons which they flail mindlessly around at you (although they can fling these weapons from a distance) and they also attack with their fists and broken fingernails. Perhaps their most dangerous attack, though, is their grapple. Walkers will grab survivors when they connect with their lunge; this causes your character to try to hold the snapping Walker back. With a successful reaction to an on-screen quick-time event of button pressing, you can punch the zombie away. However, if you fail to react on time, you will take damage. The Walker's grapple move also holds you in place while other surrounding zombies swamp you, and this can prove fatal - especially if there are a large number of zombies or other dangerous zombie-types in the area. Strategy wise, in small numbers or when faced alone, Walkers don't pose a much of a threat and can usually be knocked down with a well-timed kick when they lunge towards you or can be easily toppled with a jump kick (sometimes, they can even be kicked to death). However, in large numbers they can become dangerous - especially when you reach the city of Moresby. Your best approach is to take out large masses of Walkers with your survivor's Fury skill, but you can also fight them effectively by climbing up to higher ground (such as a car or dumpster) which, for the most part, the Walkers are too stupid to follow. From here, they will reach up blindly towards you (without much success) and you can bash in their heads or decapitate them at your leisure.


The Infected aren't as decayed as Walkers - although some still have obvious wounds - and are slightly smaller. They can be identified by their high-pitched scream, which they release when they are in their idle positions (they also emit a louder version when they first detect you). Despite looking almost normal, the Infected can still be differentiated from other survivors by their aggressive posture and movement. They are faster-moving zombies that will rush towards the living and attempt to bite and attack, commonly ambushing survivors by jumping over walls, off building roofs or out of the underbrush. The Infected attack with similar striking and grappling tactics that the Walkers prefer, but their swings are a lot faster and strike several times in quick succession; they are capable of taking out even high-level characters quickly if they attack in large numbers. Mercifully - although inflicting more damage than Walkers - they have comparatively low health. Although it's a good idea to kill the infected from a distance with a thrown weapon or firearm, this is not always practical due to their speed and zig-zag dashing patterns. Although it's a risky strategy when the Infected attack en masse, they can be taken out quickly with a swipe to the head by a blunt or bladed weapon when they dash into your attack range - just be sure to aim a little lower to compensate for their smaller height. If you attempt this, try using a weapon with a good reach (like a machete or baseball bat) for efficiency. Logan players can use edged weapons to throw at the charging Infected's head to take them out rather than swinging weapons wildly.

Infected often appear in pairs or groups of 3+ depending on location, this can make dealing with them difficult as they can quickly surround and beat you. When infected attack they will charge the player and then launch a barrage of attacks, afterwards pausing and shrieking before attacking again, this allows players the perfect opportunity to finish them with a strike to the head as their heads are weaker than other zombies. Kicking a infected will also stun them and possibly knock them over allowing the player to finish them quickly, however infected stand up quicker than walkers meaning that players will need to be quick to land the last blow. If you hear but cannot see an infected and think it is behind you the best thing to do is jump forwards and turn, this often catches infected during their attack which afterwards leaves them vulnerable for an attack. Infected can outrun players, so attempting to outrun like other zombies is useless.

In Hotel Bungalow 4 there is an infected called Nenja Samejon, tied to the bed with handcuffs and a few cameras with porn music playing in the back.


The Thug is a larger, stronger zombie that can really pack a punch. Although they share the rotten look of the Walkers, Thugs can be quickly identified by their great height, easily a head taller than most Walkers, and distinguished by their deep-throated roar. Every strike a Thug lands will knock a survivor to the ground and cause significant damage, but they walk slowly and will turn their attention away from you if you stray a little way from them. Thugs have three forms of attack; a straight-forward hook punch is their most common attack, but sometimes they will hunker down a little - a sign that they are going for a rapid three-punch hook combo. The Thug will only use the third attack - a headbutt / bite strike - when their arms have been broken or severed.

It is a good idea to disable the Thug's arms, which severely limits their attack range, before going for the killing strike on the head. When a Thug first sights you (and sometimes when you inflict damage on them) they will flail their arms around and roar; seize this chance and deal some quick strikes to them while they're vulnerable. You can make a thug do this by retreating a little way away from them. When they lose interest and turn away, approach them again to make them roar. Using a blunt weapon to hit Thugs' legs can make them crippled, and the Thug will also die. This makes Sam B the most ideal character to knock out Thugs.

It is possible to one-hit a Thug with a shotgun blast to the head, however this requires the player to be aiming down the sights very close to it. Another way is to use the Left Hand of Glova from the Developer's No. 666 Craft which will knock the Thug down and allow the player to stomp it provided the player regains some stamina quickly enough to preform it.

A player can also save their weapon's health and stay safe by getting on a high ledge and repeatedly throwing a sharp weapon at the thug. The player can retrieve their weapon from the thug's body after throwing it, but throwing a weapon does not effect the weapon's health.


Zombies are beaten with an axe

The Ram is a huge zombie confined to a straightjacket that can be detected from quite a distance away by its maniac roaring and grunting. Its favourite attack method is to charge at targets, but if you get too close, the Ram also has a kick that will knock you down (similiar to a Thug's hook). The straightjacket serves as armor and renders most attacks from the front almost completely ineffective; the best tactic is to stand with your back to a wall or any solid object and wait for the Ram to charge. When the zombie dashes at you, leap aside and follow its dash, hacking at its back or the base of its skull for maximum damage. Don't be too greedy with attacks, because the Ram can turn around quickly and with little warning to deliver its kick if you are still within its attack range. When a ram charges, it doesn't care what is between you and it; this means you can effectively use it as a weapon to run down any other nearby zombies that are clawing their way towards you. Using Xian's Backstab skill together with a powerful edged weapon can knock out Rams in a single fatal blow. The Ram's weak spot is its back. A flame weapon is also effective against Rams stunning it longer while damaging it, but still requires the player to strike it from behind. Unlike other infected it is impossible to knock down the Ram even with the Left Hand of Glova.


The Floater is a bloated zombie who has been submerged in water for a long period of time - resulting in a bloated and gelatinous physique, complete with pieces of driftwood stuck randomly in its body. The Floaters vomit a bile projectile attack that causes quite heavy damage and can also obscure your vision. Because its bile ejects in a wide arc, your best tactic is to try and get behind the Floater. Although the zombie's wild swing melee attack can still knock a survivor down, this attack is slow and - if you continuously strike the Floater - it will be unable to complete its strike or vomit when under heavy assault. Because Floaters are filled with water and liquid (and because of their thick fatty skin) they can withstand large amounts of damage, and bullets are generally ineffective. They are, however, vulnerable to electricity, so strike them with an electrically-charged weapon and there is a higher chance they will suffer its effects.

A Floater's vomit, which also sticks to other zombies, can be ignited.


The Suicider is a zombie whose infection has produced massive boils and bubbles all over its body. Unlike the other zombie types, it still retains some sense of self - if you get close enough, you can hear it slur the words 'Help Me' as the Suicider's infection forces it to lurch inexorably towards you. It will self-detonate if you get too close in an attempt to kill you, but will also detonate when reduced to zero health. The Suicider will approach a survivor to about arm's length, then stand still and begin to pulsate, exploding after a few seconds and killing anyone and anything (including other zombies) within the blast range outright. Killing Suiciders with melee weapons is out of the question (there is no way to survive the resulting death blast) so you will have to kill them from a distance with a thrown weapon or firearm. The other option - which is quite risky until you get the timing right - is to dash towards the Suicider until they pulsate, then leap back quickly several times out of the blast range. There is a third option which is much less risky than the "Charge and leap" tactic but still poses a threat if not done correctly, certain skills will allow a charge attack which will knock down enemies, this can be used on Suiciders to knock them down and escape. Doing so will delay the explosion temporarily allowing the player to remain safe but still collect XP as it is classified as an attack. Obviously, before the Suiciders are infected, they had a strong will to survive in this zombie-infested island as they mumble 'Help Me' even in their zombified form.

A fourth option is to use the Left Hand of Glova to push the Suicider away from the player, knocking it down, and causing it to explode after some time. This method allows the player to somewhat direct the Suicider into enemies turning it into a grenade.


The Butcher is a very dangerous infected. It can dodge a player's attacks, runs faster that the infected, and can reheal. Butchers are around Act III in the jungle, but not in Act IV. Kill The Butchers with any firearms (guns) you have. If you're not equipped with firearms, go for a strong modified blunt or sharp-edged weapon. The fastest way is that you need to have a modification of shock and/or fire mod for your desired weapon. Plus, it will help you to achieve a challenge to kill the number of butchers for you to kill. It also allows you to get the number of XP boost for the next level. Its possible to one-hit a Butcher with Left Hand of Glova/Stomp however they will often get up quickly making speed a necessity.


zombie holding wooden plank on way to resort lighthouse
  • Zombies can carry and throw melee weapons.
  • Zombies appearing as skull icons on the minimap usually indicates that the enemies must be eliminated to complete a particular quest.[2]
  • When the hero approaches Wayne, the survivor who moves to the Lifeguard Tower and acts as the base's merchant, he can be heard mumbling about how he heard the zombies caught their infection from a comet from outer space. This is probably a reference to the 1984 film 'Night of the Comet' in which a comet wipes out a lot of the life on earth and leaves most of the survivors as zombie-like creatures. It could also be a reference to Call of Duty's Zombies game mode, where the element that created the zombies came from a meteorite.
  • According to Roger Howard's Collectible Recording, orangutangs can be zombies too.[3]


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