Defender of the Motherland

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Defender of the Motherland
Dead island Defender of the Motherland.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Randomly
Creates Detox Rifle Mod

Pride Rifle Mod
Shock Rifle Mod

Striker Rifle Mod
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The Defender of the Motherland is a legendary weapon in Dead Island. It is an exceptional AK-47.[1]

It is found randomly in metal chests or randomly dropped by an enemy.


[edit] Trivia

Defender of the Motherland file name in Cheat Menu
  • The filename for this weapon is Firearm_leg_DefenderOfTheMotherland.
  • It is unclear how the Crowd Pleaser, Defender of the Motherland and McCall's 9mm randomly spawn, as these three weapons are not found in:

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All pre-patch 1.3 legendary weapons

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  1. All Legendary (Rare) Weapons in Dead Island, youtube, (October 15, 2011)
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