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Firearms are the third major category of weapons available to players in Dead Island. However, they are the last weapon category players encounter, and until later, very hard to sustain as primary weapons due to the scarcity of ammunition available to the player. Due to their extreme range compared to most weapons, firearms allow the player to defeat zombies from much greater distances, making them the safest form of dispatching zombies as well. Purna specializes in firearms.

[edit] List of Known Firearms


[edit] Firearm Trivia

  • Purna's rage mode allows her to draw a hidden magnum. This weapon does not use ammo.
  • If you need the ammo from an already loaded gun you can drop that gun and the gun on the floor will now have a negative ammo count, this means you cannot sell the weapon however as the ammo will fill back into the gun when pick it back up, if you need the ammo a good tip is to pick up every firearm even if you are not going to keep it then drop it straight away keeping any ammo from the magazine on your person