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Dead island Flare.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Javier Wimsatt (Merchant)[1] Resort, Lighthouse

Location icon.png Cahaya Dian (Merchant)[1] Moresby
Location icon.png Michael Stick (Merchant)[1] Jungle
Location icon.png Joel Dirt (Merchant)[1] Laboratory

Location icon.png Arthur (Merchant)[1] Banoi High-security Prison
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For the quest item see Flare

Flares is a craft part found in Dead Island.

Flares is one craft part used to create a Phoenix Mod.

Flares (plural) are different than flare (singular). The singular and plural names come from the game files. Flares are craft parts but the flare is a quest item for the quest Light My Fire.[2]

[edit] Random potential locations

The hero can scavenge over eighty craft parts and weapons from the bodies of the dead and slain undead, metal chests, metal wardrobes, luggage, etc, called loot. The item is chosen randomly from a master list. The master list is different for each area.[3]

"Amount" is the number of other loot items which possibly can be be spawned in the same location.

Flares can be sometimes found randomly in these locations:

[edit] Trivia

  • It is unceratin whether a quest flare (shown in the picture) looks the same as craft flares.

[edit] References

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