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Fury are special abilities fueled by accumulated rage. Each hero has a different fury skill. The meter for fury, called the "rage meter" is a red semi circle to the left of the health bar. When the rage meter is full, the fury skill can be unleashed by holding B button.


[edit] Fury skills

Hero Fury Skill
Dead rising haymaker.jpg
Sam B Haymaker - Sam goes berserk and smashes everything with his brass knuckles.
Dead rising bloodrage.jpg
Xian Mei Bloodrage - Xian calls on all her martial arts training and deals with enemies with lethal precision.
Dead rising guardian.jpg
Purna Guardian - Purna rallies in the face of impossible odds, giving herself and her allies the ability to regenerate, a powerful boost to repair any damage and other attributes. Her skill also allows Purna to use her private sidearm even if she doesn't own a gun or ammo.
Dead rising bullseye.jpg
Logan Bullseye - Logan turns into a weapon-throwing fiend, incredibly accurate and deadly, taking out several targets at once.

[edit] Video

Dead Island - All Character Fury Attacks

[edit] References

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