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Location(s) Location icon.png  Palanai Island
Survivor(s) Several dozen (ADD # HERE)
Weapon(s) Attack icon.png  Varies
Food Dead rising food icon.png  Energy Drink
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Henderson is a large, Mediterrean themed, "luxurious town" on the island of Palanai in Dead Island Riptide. The city is home to many shops, businesses, and tourist attractions. Due to the monsoon, parts of the city has suffered from flooding, with some areas under more water than others. As a result, Drowners have made traveling through the submerged streets dangerous. Unlike Banoi's Moresby city, which was a slum and in bad shape before the outbreak, Henderson is "Palanai's gem" similar to the Banoi's resort before the outbreak. Unlike the claustrophobic and repetive alleyways of Moresby, Henderson opens up into large plazas with unique landmarks like ornate fountains.[1][2]

The survivors from the jungle reach the city by taking a ferry out of Pinai Ferry Station. They land at the Henderson Ferry Station at the Henderson Harbor, which needs to be cleared of zombies. From there, the survivors move to the Old Town Cinema, after it is cleared of zombies and secured.

Much of the city has been ravaged by the undead. Before the situation spiraled out of control, the military set up a quarantine on the east side of the city. The efforts failed, as the entire city fell to the undead. The military at the Palanai Military Outpost refused to let civilians inside, and began shooting at anyone who got near. However, the soldiers at the military base eventually succumbed to the Kuru virus.

Aside from the movie theater, the only apparent safe zone in the city is at Hostel Henderson, where a makeshift field hospital was established. Cecil and Sean, medical doctors, have done their best to treat the wounded and have as far as amputating patients in order to prevent the infection from spreading.

Other survivors can be found scattered throughout the city, some residing in stores while others are trapped atop scaffoldings and balconies, surrounded by the undead. Some of those rescued by the hero eventually evacuate to the hospital at the hostel.

The Fort of Henderson lies in the southeast corner of the city and serves as a historical landmark and tourist attraction. Frank Serpo's helicopter eventually crashes into the fort after it is shot down by Logan Carter from the theater rooftop. The two soldiers on-board were killed, while Serpo and the pilots survived, though Serpo shot and left the co-pilot for the undead while the other pilot managed to escape into the cellars of the fort. After the fort is secured, it is turned into a safe zone where the survivors from the cinema flee to.


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  • The Collectible Island Guide reads:
Lord Edward James Henderson was appointed to be the first governor of the island and the city of Henderson was named in his honor. The original indigenous people of Palanai populated the area now known as Henderson and used it as a port, trading goods and transporting them by outrigger canoe. Trade flourished in Henderson and it became a central hub of British maritime activity between India, Hong Kong and Australia. Today Henderson is a popular tourist destination, a surprising gem of charm and old world sophistication set in a south sea paradise.

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