Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home
Dead island mike with molotovs.jpg
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Lifeguard Tower
Difficulty Medium
Quest Giver The Voice
Reward N/A
Description Get a bomb for Mike
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Home Sweet Home is a Dead Island Act II main quest in the Resort Lifeguard Tower. After leaving the hotel to complete Bird on the Roof return to the lifeguard tower. Once there, talk to Molotov Mike on the second floor next to the lifeguard control tower. Mike says the fastest way to the jungle is through the tunnel, warning the hero about Afran and Matutero. Mike explains the hero can get to the jungle through a bunker, but first the hero need explosives which Mike retrieved from Black Hawk Down's helicopter crash, handing the hero the bomb after the conversation.

Mike tells the hero to bring someone, fearing they could get lost in the jungle. Talk to Jin, who is outside the tower near the parked armored truck. Jin agrees to help, ending this quest and starting Devastator.[1]

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