John Sinamoi

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John Sinamoi
Dead island john sinamoi bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Golden Beach Bungalow
Evacuates to the Lifeguard Tower
Quest Chaos Overture
Passport to Life
To Kill Time
Black Hawk Down
Misery Wagon
Weapon(s) Attack icon.png  Lead Pipe
Race Polynesian
Voice Actor Steve Blum[1]
Occupation Lifeguard
Reward Shock Mod
Dead Island Survivors

John Sinamoi, often referred to by his last name Sinamoi, is a survivor in Dead Island. He is the hotel's tattooed Polynesian lifeguard who rescued the hero from the Royal Palms Resort and brought the hero to the Golden Beach Bungalow, which he barricaded for other survivors. When the hero wakes up, the survivors inside say that Sinamoi went outside and is under attack, pleading that he be rescued. After he is rescued, he arranges for move in to the Lifeguard Tower and proceeds to oversee the safe house.

Prior before the outbreak, Sinamoi lived in bungalow #11 at the Hotel Bungalows complex.


[edit] Chaos Overture

In the introduction quest Chaos Overture, John Sinamoi and James Stein find the hero unconscious in the Royal Palms Resort, having been attacked by a zombie.

[edit] Blood on the Sand

In the quest Blood on the Sand, once Sinamoi brought the unconscious hero from the hotel to the beach house, he goes back onto beach to search for more survivors. Unfortunately, he began to become overwhelmed by the undead beachgoers and was stuck under attack. Offering the quest Blood on the Sand, Jeannine and Wayne send out the hero to rescue the lifeguard and clear the area of zombies. After he is saved, he returns to the house and attempts to contact someone for help over the radio, in which a mysterious voice informs them to head for the lifeguard tower.

[edit] Passport to Life

In the quest Passport to Life, with instructions from the voice, he asks the hero to help secure the main lifeguard station as there is an ambulance and other supplies suitable for a secure safe house. In order for the hero to gain access to the lifeguard station, he/she must get the Lifeguard Security Keycard, which is located in his house at the Hotel Bungalows

[edit] Exodus

In the quest Exodus, with the keycard in possesion, Sinamoi has the hero head for the Lifeguard Tower and clear it of zombies, such as the hulking thug, in order for the survivors to evacuate to, especially with the monsoon approaching.

[edit] To Kill Time

In the quest To Kill Time, once the lifeguard tower has been secured, he asks that the hero help the others in the area, such as Mike and Dominic. Mike has plans to dispose of the zombie carcasses while Dominic tries to strengthen the antennae to radio for help.

After Mike and Dominic have been helped, Sinamoi states that they are in need of more food and asks for three canned foods.

With the canned foods not being enough for the eleven survivors at the station, he asks that juice packs be gathered from the gas stations in the area, one by the lighthouse and the other by the tunnel.

Realizing that the food supplies are running out very quickly, Sinamoi asks that the hero gets the armored truck from the hotel parking garage. The truck is suitable for making its way through the vegicle-clogged City Tunnel since it once pulled an eighteen-wheeler out of a ditch, Sinamoi recalled.

Once the truck has been returned to the station, Sinamoi asks the hero to check out a recent helicopter crash and to check for any survivors.

After the hero reports back to Sinamoi from the crash, he sends the hero off to the Old Marina to have the truck fortified by the mechanic.

Helen.png "A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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[edit] Radio calls

After the hero goes off to the city in search of more supplies, Sinamoi will at one point radio the hero at the church informing him/her that three more survivors have arrived at the tower, including an older couple and a ten year old orphan named Laura who was found in the water. The child is now suffering from pneumonia and Dr. Jack says that medical supplies are needed. He later radios the hero in the church again and informs that Laura has a fever of 104 and is delirious, thinking Dr. Jack is trying to kill her. He then mentions that people at the tower are beginning to panic, thinking she is infected. He later informs the hero that Laura has passed away and her remains cremated, but the tension has not eased.

[edit] Trivia

  • In the official game guide, it incorrectly states that Sinamoi was the voice on the hotel PA system when the hero was trying to escape. It was actually Charon impersonating Ryder White.

[edit] Survivor Dialogue

Dialogue of the survivor in the game files. Often portions of this text has changed or is not used in the final version of the game.

[edit] Gallery

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[edit] References

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