Juice Pack

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Juice Pack
Dead island Juice.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Tunnel Gas Station
Quest Seek 'N' Loot
Dead Island Food

Juice Pack is a quest item for the main quest Seek 'N' Loot which Sinamoi gives to the heroes. The juice can be found Tunnel Gas Station.

[edit] Locations

Lighthouse Gas Station. One box

Dead island juice in tunnel gas station closet with roof window.jpg

Backroom of the Tunnel Gas Station with the skylight entrance which the survivor breaks. One box.

Dead island juice in tunnel gas station main room.jpg

Cashier box in the main part of the store. Three boxes.

[edit] Returning to the Lifeguard Tower

Dead island Seek N Loot location of juice in lifehouse tower garage.jpg

After picking up two juices, drive back to the Lifeguard Tower and place the two juices in the back of the garage as pictured to complete Seek 'N' Loot.

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