Left Hand of Glova

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Left Hand of Glova
Dead island Left Hand of Glova.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Developer's No. 666 Craft
Type Electric
Cost $10,000
Parts Needed Diamonds x5
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Left Hand of Glova is a Dead Island weapon. It can be created at a workbench if the hero has the Developer's No. 666 Craft, $10,000 and 5 diamonds. The weapon emits lightning out of the hero's left hand. It is expensive to repair.

The hero can only use the glove once before running out of stamina.


[edit] Trivia

Dead island cheat mode push force Left Hand of Glova.jpg
  • The Glova is called Push Force in the Cheat Item Supply screen.
  • The weapon is invisible when dropped on the floor.

Dead Island
  • The left hand of glova maybe a reference to the game Bioshock's Electro Bolt Plasmid. When the hero attempts try to fire the glova with no stamina, the hero will inject themselves with an imaginary Bioshock EVE Hypo instead. In Bioshock, EVE serum is needed to use Plasmids. Eve is similar to magic points in other games, or stamina in Dead Island.[1]

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Dead Island - Left hand of Glova

Dead Island - left hand of glova

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