Legendary Weapons

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Legendary Weapons
Dead island Chainsaw.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Default unlocked metal chests: 0% chance

Location icon.png Default lockpick skill 1 metal chests: 0% chance
Location icon.png Default lockpick skill 2 metal chests: 1% chance[Verification needed]

Location icon.png Default lockpick skill 3 metal chests: 2% chance[Verification needed][1]
Dead Island weapons

Legendary Weapons are unique Dead Island weapons which are exceptionally rare. Legendary weapon's names are in orange text. But a weapon can have orange text and not be a legendary weapon.There are at least 23 legendary weapons, at least 5 of these are quest rewards, the rest are found randomly in metal chest or dropped by slain enemies:

For a full list of non-modified major weapons, including legendary weapons, see weapons.

Assassin's Greed
Dead island Assassin's Greed.png
Dead island Ban.png
Dead island Banisher.png
Blunt Speaker
Dead island Blunt Speaker.png
Bouncer's Pal
Dead island Bouncer's Pal.png
Dead island Bushmaster.png
Dead island chainsaw.png
 Jungle with Jason
Crowd Pleaser
Dead island Crowd Pleaser.png
Defender of the Motherland
Dead island Defender of the Motherland.png
Dead island Eviscerator.png
Gabriel's Sledgehammer
Dead island Gabriel's Sledgehammer.png
 Moresby, Bury the Dead quest reward
Home Run (Uncrafted)
Dead island Home Run (Uncrafted).png
Italian Plumber
Dead island Wrench.png
Dead island M.C..png
Master Chef
Dead island Master Chef.png
McCall's 9mm
Dead island McCall's 9mm.png
Pick of Destiny
Dead island Pick of Destiny.png
 Jungle, Fallen Angel quest
Tijuana Machete
Dead island The Machete.png
 Laboratory Map, Where Is My Pineapple? quest reward
Dead island Brutal Brass Knuckles.png
Viking of the South
Dead island Viking of the South.png
Zed's Demise
Dead island Zed's Demise.png
 Prison, Banoi Butcher quest reward


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Guaranteed Respawning Orange & Legendary Weapons in Dead Island: Riptide. video guide showing how to get guaranteed respawning orange and legendary weapons every time from level 3 metal chests.

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  1. Mod:Loot. In PC file: Dead Island\DI\Data1.pak\Data\default.loot