Maggie Spacy

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Maggie Spacy
Dead island maggie bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Lighthouse
Quest The Lost
Race Caucasian
Occupation Tourist
Dead Island Survivors
For the trapped survivor of the same name in Dead Island Riptide, see Maggie.

Maggie Spacy is a Dead Island survivor in the resort area. She is involved with the mission The Lost in which Steven asks the hero to find her.

Prior to the hero waking up in the beach house, she left the Golden Beach Bungalow and evacuated to the lighthouse with James Stein and the others. She tried to convince Steven to flee with them, but he stayed behind at the beach house.


[edit] The Lost

Maggie evacuated to the lighthouse with other survivors who left the beach bungalow. She begged Steven to follow but he hesitated, staying behind. However, Steven has a change of heart and wants to find her, so he enlists the hero to look for her. The hero finds Maggie in the lighthouse and she asks the hero to inform Steven of her location and that she is alright, relieved that Steven is okay as well.

[edit] Trivia

  • Maggie does not express any concern on Steven's whereabouts after The Lost is completed since Steven never arrives at the lighthouse.

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