Mingende Jungle

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Mingende Jungle
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Location(s) Location icon.png  Afran's Camp

Afran's Communication Center
Gaia Falls
Ghost Town
Jungle Laboratory Warehouse
Jungle Village
Mowen's Camp
Oceanic Flight 1012
Overpass Camp
River Village
Smuggler's Camp
Smuggler's Marina

Quest Nighthawk
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The Mingende Jungle,[1] also referred to as just the Jungle, is one of the major areas in Dead Island.

The jungle can be accessed by the main highway from the Banoi Holiday Resort through the Jungle Tunnel. However, the tunnel has partially collapsed, but still accessible through a passageway from Bunker 01. The highway itself in the jungle has collapsed, with vehicles overturned and leaving the road unusable, due to being blown up by Colonel White on behalf of BIDF orders.

Oceanic Flight 1012 crashed in the jungle and Monica Goldberg was one of the many people to witness the aircraft going down, in which she pleads the hero to find out what happened to the survivors in the quest Nighthawk.

River Village was attacked by the zombies, with many of its residents killed in the attack. Those who survived barricaded themselves in their homes. Afran and his soldiers ransacked the town, stealing guns, food, and other supplies, leaving the village in shambles as survivors ask for help.

Afran himself is residing at his compound while his commander, Vargass, runs his Afran's Communication Center.

Other survivors can be found scattered throughout the Jungle while a group of people are residing at the now-barricaded Overpass Village.


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  • According to the game files, there is a location called the Waterfall. It is uncleared where this generically named waterfall is located.[5]

[edit] River Village

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