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Dead island riptide miya bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Campsite northeast of Helicopter Wreck
Quest Proximity
Femme Fatale
Race Indigenous Austrailian
Reward Rare Big Splitting Axe
Hot Rod Mod
Dead Island Riptide Survivors

Miya is a survivor in Dead Island Riptide involved with the quests Proximity, Surplus, and Femme Fatale.


[edit] Proximity

Miya can be found by herself in an abandoned campsite where a military supply crate has landed after being parachuted from a plane. When the hero finds her, she offers a deal: bring Miya the food from the other military supply crates and the hero can keep everything else. She found a signal locator with the crate which can provide a way to track the other crates, which she gives to the hero to use.

After the hero finds the supply crates at various campsites in the jungle, the food is given to Miya. She thanks the hero and awards a rare Big Splitting Axe.

[edit] Surplus

Miya strikes up a second deal, asking the hero to check out an old bunker at the biosphere used by smugglers. She would like a weapon to defend herself, and promises to give the hero something in return. After she receives the gun, she gives the hero the Hot Rod Mod.

[edit] Femme Fatale

After being possession of the gun, Miya asks for some blades, as she is looking for new ways to kill the undead and defend herself. After receiving the first blade, she will gladly accept any more blades the hero may have.

Miya remains at the campsite, well armed and ready to defend herself from any incoming zombie.

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