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The Dead Island Save Editor (DISE) is a downloadable save editor program for the PC version of Dead Island.


[edit] Instructions

Original through patch 1.3 and bloodbath arena:

Open the save_0.sav file in the Dead Island\out\save folder

[edit] Features

Features include:

Complete Edit or reset skills
Complete Change level experience points (XP), cash, ammo, health cannot exceed limits.

Level limits for hero is: 50 for 1.0 - 1.2 patch, 60 for 1.3 and above patch

Complete Edit items in inventory Base parameters are yet to be figured out, but play with the "attributes" field for now[what?]
Complete Change character type/class[what?]
Complete Repair game saves. DISE attempts to restore some quest progress, but DISE is not guaranteed to work. You can also import progress from different game saves.[what?]
Complete Edit inventory You can also edit Jin's storage and move copy items between your inventory and Jin's inventory.
Complete Move or Copy items to a different game save.
Work-in-progress, not complete or experimental Add new items
Complete Assign weapons to Quick inventory wheel slots
Not started yet Edit chapter and quest progress
Complete Add or Remove weapon mods or blueprints, ID Cards, Banoi Herald Excerpts, and Collectible Recordings
Complete Filter items by categories
Complete Search through items you can add
Complete Load game saves for Xbox 360
Complete Load already decompressed game-saves
Complete View items' name using their technical or in-game name
Complete User preferences[what?]
Complete Auto-updating[what?]
Not started yet View and Edit challenge progress
Complete Reveal Map
Complete Steam Cloud syncing This means no more "corrupted" and disappearing game-saves
Complete Sort items and save the order
Complete Export or Import inventory[what?]
Complete Export or Import game progress and quests experimental
Complete Apply mods to weapons in the inventory[what?]
Not started yet Select a modded weapon, then save editor creates the items needed for creating that modded weapon
Complete Repair all items
Complete Unlock chapters

[edit] Opening save files

[edit] Required files

  • A Hex Editor
  • A compression program such as winrar or 7z

[edit] Instructions

The .sav file is compressed with GZip.

Use a compression program such as winrar or 7z to open it.

Open the file in a hex editor program

[edit] Video

Cloud sync test #1

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