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Location(s) Location icon.png  Langar Road
Location icon.png  Market District
Location icon.png  Queenscliffe
Location icon.png  Shanty Town
Location icon.png  Simon's Hub
Location icon.png  Sewers
Location icon.png  Victory Hill
Location icon.png  Down Town
Location icon.png  Supermarket District
Location icon.png  Old Town
Location icon.png  Waterfront Harbour
Location icon.png  Riverside
Location icon.png  Quarantine
Location icon.png  Eastern Waterfront
Location icon.png  St. Christopher's Church
Weapon(s) Attack icon.png  Varies
Attack icon.png  Propane Tank
Food Dead rising food icon.png  Energy Drink
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Moresby is the capital city located on Banoi Island in Dead Island. Also referred to as Port Moresby, it is a large city populated with several thousand residents of Banoi. Unfortunately, the strange outbreak has took a toll on the city, killing and turning much of the city's citizens.

Until very recently much of the island was wild and primitive and totally untouched by the modern world. Even though the capital, Moresby, was founded by Australian settlers in 1895, many places deep in the interior still have never been seen by western eyes.[1]


[edit] Outbreak

The outbreak reached the city and decimated much of the population, turning the unlucky citizens into zombies. Chaos enveloped the city as panicked townsfolk attempted to escape the massacre, only to clog the streets as cars and trucks crashed into each other, overturning, and being set ablaze. Buildings were ransacked as townsfolk tried to gather their things to flee and from survivors scavenging for food and supplies. Aside from disabled cars littering the streets, papers, furniture, trash and bodies as well as barricades are strewn about. All the bridges connecting across the river to the wealthier side of town were blown up to prevent the poor refugees and zombies from infesting and looting the wealthier areas of the city.

Several manholes can be accessed, leading to the sewers that lead to different neighborhoods in the city.

[edit] Locations

Moresby is divided up into several districts and neighborhoods, including Queenscliffe, Victory Hill, the Market District and Langar Road in addition to the Shanty Town. Other neighborhoods include Old Town, Down Town, the Supermarket District, Riverside, Canale Street and the Waterfront Harbour as well as the Eastern Waterfront. One section of the city has been locked down and designated as the Quarantine zone.

The pump station is located near the river at the Waterfront Harbour where punks have taken over, holding two church survivors hostage, though they are eventually freed. The pump station is then fixed, restoring water to areas in the city, including the church.

Sister Helen has opened up her sanctuary, St. Christopher's Church, as a safe house, in which nearly a dozen survivors have fled to for refuge. A smaller safe house, Simon's Hub, in the Market District houses a few people inside. A third safe house, Nick's Hub, can be found at the Eastern Waterfront. Many other survivors are scattered across the city, trying to ride out the outbreak in their own shelter.

The Police Station, in addition to the Supermarket and several homes, has been taken over by armed punks and bandits. A broadcast over the radio by a punk at the station can be heard saying that the police station is overrun and in control of the punks and how the law of justice is no longer in existence. They warn that any survivor who approaches the station will be viewed as an enemy and killed. Eventually, the supermarket and police station are cleared of the armed bandits and any captured survivors inside are freed, including Jin.

The City Hall in the wealthier side of the city has been barricaded and fortified by a number of police officers. Armed and geared, the officers patrol the city hall and secure the entrances while the civilians and other refugees inside receive shelter and assistance. Mayor Todd Tanis is in his office trying to figure out the next step in what to do amidst the chaos in the city. Unfortunately, the city hall is eventually breached by a horde of zombies and everyone inside is killed, leaving no survivors, policeman and civilian alike.

[edit] Map

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[edit] Businesses

  • Banoi Meat - Delicatessen that has several food delivery trucks scattered throughout the city containing products of the deli. The logo on the truck is a pig with "Banoi Meat" above and "Delicatessen" and "Fresh Meat" beneath the image.
  • Rick & Hartfield Financial - Bank and financial institution that has billboards around the city. "Reduce your monthly payment by consolidating your credit cards & finance company debts." "When your bank says no, we're here to say yes." Website:
  • City Taxi Cabs - Taxi company with billboards around city and resort as well as taxi cabs in both locations.
  • Bank of Banoi - A bank on Banoi Island, several armored trucks owned by the bank, one used by survivors and another disabled at the supermarket.
  • ETL Wordwide Express - Package delivery company in Moresby, own a fleet of delivery trucks
  • The BloodSpillers, a musical group, featured on several billboards in the city of Moresby. The group has just released an album entitled "Zombie Repellent" that features several number one hit songs including Disturbed and Do We Have a Problem Here? The album is available in several media forms including CD, DVD, IRD, and MP3.
  • Microcrod, an electronic parts selling system

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