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Natives Camp
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The Natives Camp, also called Ope's Cave, is a Dead Island location on the Laboratory Map of the Mingende Jungle. The camp was set up after the Kuruni natives were driven away from their village due to the infection. Six surviving tribe members reside here, including the Warrior, along with their leader and shaman, Koritoia Ope.


[edit] Entrance

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The entrance, a large bamboo gate, is locked and guarded. The heroes must enter from a beaten path on the left side of the gates, which is usually free of undead.[1]

[edit] Circle of Spirits

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The only area that the heroes observe of the village is the circle of spirits in the Man of Faith quest. This is a large dirt pit with steep sides. Some of the sides are blocked with bamboo fencing. In the quest, Ope and the natives stand above the circle and watch the heroes kill infected warriors and natives. After defeating the giant infected warrior, the hero completes the challenge. [2][3]

[edit] Trivia

  • Ryder states in his scrapped introduction: "...some of those indigenous tribes still practice cannibalism. You know what they call human flesh. Long pig. They say it tastes just like pork."[4]

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[edit] References

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