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Dead island Oceanic Flight 1012 ABOVE.jpg
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort Lighthouse, Act I
Jungle plane located during Act III
Difficulty Hard
Quest Giver Monica Goldberg
Experience Points 3500 XP
Reward Military Machete
Description Find the the aircraft in the jungle.
Return to Monica in the lighthouse and tell her what happened with the aircraft.[1]
Dead Island Quests

Nighthawk is a quest in Dead Island in the Jungle during Act III.

The quest is given to the hero by Monica Goldberg in the resort lighthouse during Act I. Monica witnessed Oceanic Flight 1012 going down and pleads for the hero go find out the fate of the passengers and crew.

The plane has crashed in the Jungle, which can only be accessed in Act III. The reward for completing this quest is a Indestructible Military Machete.


[edit] Overview

When the hero was clearing out the Lifeguard Tower, the airliner could be seen flying above as soon as the hero reached the station rooftop. Other survivors witnessed the plane going down too, such as Monica Goldberg at the Lighthouse. When the hero arrives at the lighthouse, Monica explains that she was in contact with the pilots before they went down and begged the hero to find the plane.

After reaching the crash site, the hero finds no survivors of the crash save for a few bodies and wreckage everywhere. Jungle Muggers were on the scene trying to take the cargo. When the hero informs Monica of the grim news, she is shocked and has no words, but awards the hero a machete.

[edit] Location

1st red truck
2nd red truck with jungle mugger

During the first quest in the Jungle, Welcome to the Jungle, the hero is following Jin to the River Village. There is a clearing with a red pickup truck which has items scattered around it. If the hero explores just beyond this point there is a single Jungle Mugger with his back to the hero behind the truck. Kill him then continue to walk over the nearby hill.

Dead island nighthawk plane found.jpg

From this hill the hero can get a good enough view of the wreck to satisfy this sidequest objective.[1]

[edit] Reward

All those people? Dead? Jesus Christ...
Machete reward

After finding the plane, once the hero arrives in the River Village, use the Fast Travel map in Matutero's hut to return to the Resort Lighthouse. Talk to Monica and she rewards the hero with the military machete.[1]

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[edit] Map

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[edit] References

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