Omar Torres

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Omar Torres
Dead island omar bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Hotel Bungalows, Bungalow 17
Location icon.png Evacuates to the Lifeguard Tower
Quest Hit and Run
Omar Escort
Experience Points 600 XP
Race Spanish/Negro
Occupation Tourist
Reward Revolver
Dead Island Survivors

Omar Torres is a survivor in Dead Island found at the Hotel Bungalows, involved with the quests Hit and Run and Omar Escort. He is looking for the money his friend owes him and once found, he wants to be evacuated to the lifeguard tower.


[edit] Hit and Run

Omar is found in a house at the Hotel Bungalows looking to acquire the money his undead friend owes him. He would like the hero to go and find the key to his deceased friend's bungalow, promising the hero to split the cash. Once the key is found, the hero returns to the bungalow Omar is residing in and is asked to find the safe. The safe is hidden behind a painting and once opened, Omar awards the hero with cash.

[edit] Omar Escort

After receiving the cash, Omar Torres requests to be evacuated to the Lifeguard Tower where he will reside safely. He will also reward the hero a "weapon" that "one shot takes out a whole mob of those pendejos". It turns out to be a weak revolver with only 1 round left. After handing over the gun, Omar will sit on the bench in the courtyard of the lifeguard station.

[edit] Survivor Dialogue

Dialogue of the survivor in the game files. Often portions of this text has changed or is not used in the final version of the game.

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