On the Air

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On the Air
Dead island on the air dominic sheet.jpg
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Lifeguard Tower
Difficulty Medium
Quest Giver Dominic
Survivor(s) All
Experience Points 1000 XP
Reward Cash
Description Go to the Lighthouse and bring back a signal amplifier.
  • Complete A Ray of Hope to get inside the lighthouse warehouse and take the signal amplifier.
  • Return to Dominic and give him the signal amplifier.[1]
Dead Island Quests

On the Air is a quest in Dead Island. It is available after completing the main quest Exodus and securing the Lifeguard Tower. To access this quest, talk to Dominic at the top part of the tower, next to the antennas. The hero is tasked to the lighthouse and bring back a signal amplifier.


[edit] Overview

Just outside the lifeguard tower on the upper deck is Dominic standing near a ladder. Talk to Dominic to begin the On the Air side quest.

To get into the lighthouse warehouse room the hero must first complete the side quest, A Ray of Hope. The last stage of this quest unlocks the Darvin guarded door. Enter the lighthouse utility room and take the signal amplifier from the shelf.

Return to Dominic and talk to him. Dominic gives a hammer as a prize. If the hero has completed both Mike's and Dominic's quests, the hero can now return to Sinamoi in the tower beside Dominic and complete the To Kill Time quest.[1]

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