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Palanai Island
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Survivor(s) Unknown number of survivors
Weapon(s) Attack icon.png  Thousands of weapons
Food Dead rising food icon.png  Many different kinds of food
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Palanai Island is the island on the Banoi archipelago in which Dead Island Riptide takes place. The four survivors from Dead Island escape Banoi Island and eventually stumble upon this island after their military ship is caught up in the monsoon.

Massive flooding has occurred on the island, throwing towns underwater and zombies lurking everywhere as the virus continues to spread.

There are numerous settlements on the island, including the Santa Maria Mission and Mataka Village in the jungle, as well as the luxurious capital city of Henderson a dangerous place full of infected.


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  • Palani (without the "a") is a town in Tamil Nadu State in India.[1]
  • The Collectible Island Guide reads:
The indigenous people of Palanai are descendants of the Polynesians. In 1873, the English Captain John Moresby of the HMS Basilisk visited the island and claimed the land for the British Empire. Lord Edward James Henderson was appointed the first governor of the island. Lord Henderson made himself a fortune by exploiting the mineral riches on the island, shipping raw materials and goods all over the British Empire. Control of the island of Palanai was ceded to the Commonwealth of Australia after Lord Henderson's death, in 1906. During World War 2, the Japanese invaded and took control of much of the island. The city of Henderson, however, was left intact, as Australian forces managed to hold the town, keeping the Japanese invaders to the jungle highlands and western beaches.
  • According to the Fast Travel map for Palanai Island, the Banda Sea is located south of the island.

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