Paradise Survival Camp

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Paradise Survival Camp
Location(s) Location icon.png  Palanai Jungle
Quest New Beginnings
Heavenly Gift
Survivor(s) Harlow Jordan
Trevor Rogers
Henry Boyle
Chimamanda Lobo
Samuel Hardy
Sam B
Xian Mei
Logan Carter
Purna Jackson
Appear during The Ritual quest, then leave afterwards:
Marcus Villa
Food Dead rising food icon.png  Fruit
Energy Drink
Dead Island Riptide Safe Zones

The Paradise Survival Camp is a location in Dead Island Riptide. The camp is designed to show tourists the thrill of outdoor living and adventures. It is an outpost with several buildings and filled with supplies. There is a bridge that connects the camp to the Pearl Sands as well as a bridge that leads to the main road.

When Harlow finds the hero on the beach, she informs that there are survivors at this camp, and to find it. When the hero arrives at camp, the survivors are being attacked by a zombie horde. After the undead are killed, Trevor Rogers has the hero set up fences to keep out the undead. When the next horde attacks, Trevor advises the hero to blow up the bridge with the flare gun.

Afterwards, Wayne and Harlow arrive in the camp with Samuel Hardy, who survived the military ship crash. From there, all of the survivors plan to head for Henderson for evacuation.

When Marcus Villa comes to the camp in The Ritual, he sets the camp on fire when no one refuses to identify them as immortal. When the camp is on fire, the survivors are trapped and must defend themselves from the zombies as Harlow Jordan makes her way back to the camp to rescue them. Chimamanda Lobo, Wayne, and Zoey hide while the heroes, Trevor Rogers, Samuel Hardy, and Henry Boyle defend the camp.

After they are rescued, the survivors evacuate to the safe zone in Halai. Robert, Caleb, Malik, and Samson are nowhere to be seen, so it is possible they died in the attack or during the escape. The camp remains badly burned and abandoned.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Collectible Island Guide reads:
Founded in 1992 by world renowned adventurer, Roger Dalhstrom Howard, the Paradise Survival Camp hosts corporate retreats and other special groups interested in team building and extreme adventure experiences. PSC offers hiking, rock climbing, white water rafting, and basic survival training. The intent is to teach participants how to live off the land and survive in the wilderness. "The basics of human survival are shelter and security," claims Howard. "Modern business executives have completely forgotten what it's like to survive by one's wits. At Paradise Survival Camp we place corporate executives in the most extreme conditions possible and then teach them how to work together to survive."

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