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Purna Jackson
Dead island purna bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Royal Palms Resort
Race Indigenous Australian
Voice Actor Peta Johnson[1]
Occupation Former police officer, current VIP bodyguard
Dead Island Heroes

Purna Jackson is one of four heroes in Dead Island. She is one of the special survivors who is immune to the mysterious zombie virus, Kuru, that has claimed the lives of hundreds of others on the island of Banoi in. Once a police officer for the Sydney Police Department, she was discharged after shooting and crippling a wealthy businessman who was molesting his underaged daughter. Now a bodyguard, she protects wealthy clients and other VIPs. She is still angry over losing her career, has an irrational grudge against wealthy people and white people in general, and keeps very much to herself, refusing help from the hotel staff when she checked in to the Royal Palms. Unfortunately, she found herself stuck on the island as a result of the outbreak, and must fight to stay alive and figure out what happened.

Purna belong to the Leader class with the ability to take quick, accurate shots with her handgun when entering her rage mode.

On the night of the outbreak, Purna was at the Royal Palms Resort enjoying a party and dancing to music by Sam B. She insults a drunken guest who stumbles to the floor and helps him back to his feet.

After a nightmarish journey on Banoi Island, Purna is able to escape the island and continues the story in Dead Island Riptide.

Dead Island

NOTE: Canonically, the other heroes accompany Purna Jackson with her journey on Banoi though they only appear in cutscenes. The follow story below is written to only include hero though the other heroes all go through the same experiences

Purna Jackson woke up after partying at the concert located outside the Royal Palms Resort. After making her way through a seemingly-abandoned and ransacked hotel, she found herself being chased by zombies. After being attacked and bitten, she awoke in a bungalow on the beach. The terrified survivors inside informed her that her savior, John Sinamoi the lifeguard, was under attack by the undead outside. Purna Jackson is able to save Sinamoi and work with the survivors to secure the Lifeguard Tower. From there, Purna Jackson helps Sinamoi with his tasks, as well as the quests belonging to the various survivors throughout the Banoi Holiday Resort. The goal of Sinamoi’s group is to stay put and await rescue. Purna Jackson is tasked with getting an amplifier from the Lighthouse so Sinamoi can try and radio the mysterious Voice they spoke with earlier from the beach bungalow. At the lighthouse is another group of survivors who want to get off the island. Purna Jackson is then forced to help the lighthouse survivors, including turning on the power generator so the beacon can be activated to get the attention of rescue crews. The amplifier is no good in creating a strong enough strength to contact the Voice. Purna Jackson’s next task is to get food supplies for the Lifeguard Tower survivors. Sinamoi finds the food runs out just as fast as they find them and requests Purna Jackson to go into the city to find food, medicine, and supplies for his group. In order to get through the vehicle-clogged roadways, Purna Jackson must retrieve an armored truck from the hotel parking garage and reinforce it with the help of a local mechanic. Purna Jackson is successful in completing his mission and recruits Jin, the mechanic’s daughter into her group, as the mechanic is infected and does not want Jin in harm’s way.

Purna Jackson arrives in the city to find it overrun and the church under attack. After securing it, she works with Mother Helen, who is leading the refugees inside the church, to restore the church’s water supply in return for help finding food. After the water is restored, Helen informs that the city has been looted and food is gone, except in the Wealthy District across the river, in which the bridges leading to it have been destroyed. After helping various survivors at the church and across the city, Joseph agrees to lead Purna Jackson through the sewers to the other side. Purna Jackson makes it to the City Hall, packed with survivors and police officers, only to be declined assistance by the mayor. Ready to give up, Jin demands Purna Jackson to find food to help everyone or she takes the truck and leaves her behind. Purna Jackson makes her way to the supermarket, defeats the gang of bandits inhabiting the store, and secures food in which Jin and Joseph drive back to the church. Purna Jackson arrives at the church to find an injured Joseph, who informs that Jin tried to give supplies to the police station only to be kidnapped by the thugs who took it over. Purna Jackson makes her way to the station, defeats the gang and its leader, and rescues an injured Jin. The food is given to the church and brought back to the Lifeguard Tower. Sinamoi informs that Dominic went to the hotel to try and use the antenna to contact the Voice. The attempt is successful and the Voice reveals himself to be Colonel Ryder White, on the prison island off-shore. In order for Purna Jackson to reach it, she must enlist the help of Mowen, a jungle smuggler, who knows his way around the minefield that surrounds the island.

Jin accompanies Purna Jackson into the jungle and helps the residents of an ambushed village, getting revenge by killing the jungle warlord Afran and his army who attacked the village after zombies swarmed it. After revenge is served, Purna Jackson rides in a boat and meets Mowen, who claims he does not know how to get to the island, but instead brings her to a secret government laboratory in the jungle. Purna Jackson arrives at the Geo Pharm Laboratory and meets a group of surviving scientists. They explain that they think they know what caused the outbreak, a mysterious strain of the Kuru virus found in the Kuruni tribe, a group of natives living in the jungle. Purna Jackson meets with the tribe’s shaman, Ope, who agrees to bring her to his now-abandoned village after completing a challenge proving her to be a worthy warrior. The shaman explains that his village was overrun when his tribesmen ate the flesh of the deceased, stating that they came back as zombies. At the catacombs atop of the mountain overlooking the village, they find Yerema, Ope’s daughter. Ope is killed just before he can harm his daughter, who he believed to be infected. Yerema is in fact infected, but immune to the virus. She is brought back to the laboratory so she can be examined and the leading researcher, Dr. West, hopes to find a cure with her blood. Purna Jackson returns to the city and resort to get supplies and allow Jin to complete unfinished business before Mowen takes them to the prison island. Just before they depart, they alerted that something has gone wrong at the lab. They find it overrun with everyone dead and Yerema locked in a cage. She explained that Dr. West was taking too much blood from her and she tried to escape by locking herself in a cage. Dr. West accidentally released captive zombies by unlocking the wrong cages and he, along with his surviving staff, was killed.

Yerema is brought to the prison where they find roughly fifty prisoners have survived the carnage. Purna Jackson is forced in completing several tasks for the lead prisoner in order to be given access to where Ryder White is situated. Unfortunately, a riot breaks out against the lead prisoner and zombies, lured by the sounds of the riot, attack, killing everyone. Mowen was able to help Jin and Yerema escape into a vent but he was killed. The women meet up with Purna Jackson and the ascend upwards to the elevator, but are gassed by Ryder White, who steals the antidote retrieved from the lab. They are greeted by a prisoner, Charon who uses the alias Kevin. Charon explains what happened and they all head for the rooftop where Ryder is about to escape with his infected wife. After a shootout against a squad of BIDF soldiers, Purna Jackson and the others confront Ryder. Jin tries to explain that it is too late for Emily, Ryder’s wife, as she is fully infected. She releases Emily from her constraints and she attacks Ryder. Ryder is bitten and kills his wife and out of rage, shoots Jin twice, who falls off the helipad and is killed. Ryder then mutates into a special Infected only to be defeated and killed. Purna Jackson, along with Charon and Yerema, boards the helicopter and flies off the island.


  • Class: Leader
  • Speciality: Firearms Expert
  • Health: 100
  • Speed: 100
  • Stamina: 90
  • Rage Mode: Guardian. When Purna's rage mode is activated she pulls out her private sidearm - a powerful revolver with an unlimited ammunition and aim-assist.

Skill Trees


  • Scrapped dialogue in the game files, not including in the final game, list Purna's last name as Jackson.[2]
  • Purna is Australian Aborigine, half on her mother's side.[3]
  • The following is the official description taken from the Dead Island website[4]:
Purna is a former officer of the Sydney Police department. After losing her career when she killed a child molester who could not be touched legally because of his wealth and connections, Purna then turned to working as a bodyguard for VIPs in dangerous places all over the world.
She is hired not just for her skills but her looks as wealthy men did not mind showing up with Purna on their arm.
  • There is no such department called the Sydney Police Department, in Sydney the police is controlled by the the state wide police service called the New South Wales Police Force.
  • Purna's story has changed slightly from what is said on the website. When Purna presents herself in the character selection menu, she claims that she shot the pedophile down, but that he never died. She also states that she wishes for an opportunity to some day "finish the job" and shoot him dead.
  • In the novelization, Purna's downfall was different. The man she was sent to investigate was a 22-year-old serial child molester who was arrested, but ended up being acquitted of all charges due to his wealth. Purna eventually tracked him down and shot him through the eye, killing him, and tried to leave no evidence, but was fired anyway.
  • "One line of code refers to one of Purna’s ingame skills as "Feminist Whore". This skill is purported to give Purna a 15% damage bonus against male opponents, but was later turned into the skill "Gender Wars". [5]
  • The Game Text files have the following scrapped closing dialogue for Purna Jackson:
"When it's the end of the bloody world, no one gives a shit how big your bank account is. All that matters is who you are. What's inside you. All the bloody bullshit gets ripped away and all that's left is the bloody truth. The world can be an evil place, but everyone pretends it's not. Especially those who are the greediest. If someone has money, if they have power, they can pretend to be pious as hell and no one will ever know the evil inside of them. But when all the lies are stripped away, when the only thing between them and a bloody end is half abo bitch, suddenly I'm their best friend. Well fuck them. I'm not here for them. I'm here for Jin. For Yerema. For all of them. Women who for no fault of their own live in fear. I will protect them. And I will die for them… if that's what it takes. That's my purpose. That's my path."
  • There is some contradiction relating to Purna's backstory, the games manual states that Purna killed the businessman however her biography in the character selection menu Purna mentions she didn't kill him, merely she injured him and she wishes to finish the job once she leaves Banoi.

Survivor Dialogue

Dialogue of the survivor in the game files. Often portions of this text has changed or is not used in the final version of the game.


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Purna Jackson (Riptide)
Dead island riptide purna bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  HMAS Avenger

Location icon.png Arrives at Paradise Survival Camp
Location icon.png Evacuates to Halai
Location icon.png Flees to Santa Maria Mission
Location icon.png Flees to Pinai Ferry Station
Location icon.png Arrives at Henderson Harbor
Location icon.png Evacuates to Old Town Cinema

Location icon.png Flees to Fort of Henderson
Quest Upping the Odds for Purna
Weapon(s) Attack icon.png  Revolver
Heavy Revolver
Nail Gun[1]
Race Indigenous Australian
Voice Actor Peta Johnson
Occupation Ex-Police Officer
VIP Bodyguard
Reward Poison Bomb x5
Poison Bomb x7
Poison Bomb x9
Dead Island Riptide Heroes

Purna Jackson is a hero who appears in Dead Island Riptide, as a survivor who escaped the Banoi Island outbreak with Xian Mei, Logan Carter, and Sam B.

Dead Island Riptide

Purna and her fellow survivors from Banoi land on the HMAS Avenger in hopes of finding rescue. Instead, they are detained and quarantined by Colonel Hardy and Frank Serpo. Serpo and his medic do tests on the four immune survivors and lock them in the brig. However, that night an outbreak triggers on the ship, turning much of the crew into zombies. The ship has also found itself trapped in a monsoon. Purna eventually reaches the brig and puts down the zombified captain so Hardy may gain control of the ship, but it slams into the rocks sending the survivors overboard.

Purna awakens on the beach on Palanai Island by Harlow Jordan. The woman instructs Purna to head for the Paradise Survival Camp, where other survivors have gathered. When Purna arrives at the camp, she finds it being attacked, so she helps defend it. It is at the camp that Purna finds her teammates from Banoi and Harlow returns from the beach with Colonel Hardy. After a fight is prevented, the survivors agree on a plan to reach Henderson for evacuation. In order to do so, Purna is sent out to find the road that leads to the city, only to discover the bridge has been washed out from the monsoon. She is tasked with getting help from the town of Halai and she comes across a missionary, Marcus Villa, who says he is able to help. However, it is revealed that he is slightly sadistic and believes that by eating the flesh of the immune, the zombie plague will be vanquished. When no one reveals themselves as one of the immune, he sets the Paradise camp on fire. After defending themselves from a zombie horde, Harlow eventually rescues the survivors from the burning camp and they regroup in Halai. With no help from Marcus, the survivors turn to Dr. Kessler, a researcher living at the laboratory in the jungle. He is able to provide help and a map to the tunnels that eventually lead to the city. With a plan in tow, Purna and the survivors leave Halai and arrive at the ruins of the Santa Maria Mission. The passageway beneath the old church is flooded, so the loud pump must be used to drain the water. While the pump is on, dozens of zombies attack the ruins, but the survivors are successful in defending themselves and make their way through the tunnels. After battling against zombies, obstacles, and a group of smugglers, they reach the Pinai Ferry Station.

However, as soon as the survivors emerge from the tunnels, Wayne complains of feeling sick. It is revealed that he was bitten and was abandoned in the tunnels by Harlow. He had come into contact with some of the chemicals stored in the tunnels and he mutated into a Wrestler. Purna and the immune eventually put down the hulking, disfigured Wayne, and continue to the ferry terminal. A group of prisoners who escaped their transport are found at the terminal and after they threaten Purna for weapons, money, and supplies, they are killed as Purna becomes enraged with Fury, an effect of being the Kuru virus being exposed to the mutagens from the tunnels. With the prisoners dead and their captive, Marvin, rescued, they board the ferry and cross the bay to the city.

Docking in Henderson, they find it overrun with the dead. After clearing the harbor, they reside in a shop and make plans to evacuate to the Old Town Cinema. Purna leads the way and clears the streets and the theater itself to allow her group to safely reach the theater. In the journey to the theater, Harlow is lost though the group meets Jacqueline Phantom, the theater owner who was rescued from the zombies in the cinema. In return, Jacqueline allows the survivors to stay at the cinema and she gives them food. She explains what happened in the city and how the military started shooting civilians. Despite tensions between the immune and the non-immune, Hardy remains optimistic that the military at the Palanai Military Outpost will help them. Purna heads out for the base to find it completely overrun, but is able to contact Frank Serpo in the telecommunications room. He informs Purna that a rescue chopper is being sent to pick her up. Back at the theater, the survivors gather on the roof and await the helicopter. However, Serpo demands for the immune to board first and the survivors object. In an attempt to gain command, Hardy begins to climb the helicopter's ladder, only to be gunned down. The helicopter is shot down and the survivors are left to defend themselves as a zombie horde attacks. Purna locates the ruins of the helicopter at the Fort of Henderson and the cellars of the fort are cleared, in which Serpo is located after he escaped the crash site. With Serpo secured, the survivors relocate to the secured fort. With rumors of a boat at the Docks District, Purna sets for the docks, which is in the established quarantine zone. While at the docks, Purna comes across an underground field laboratory and Harlow herself. She has gone seemingly insane, having been captured and experimented on with the mutagen. She declares that the infection must not spread beyond Palanai and the only way is to kill everyone, including the immune. Purna tries to calm Harlow down, but she injects herself with the mutagen and attacks the hero. Purna, in an attempt to defend herself, injects herself with the mutagen to gain strength in order to put down the crazed Harlow. She is successful and Harlow is killed. She also finds a boat, in which she brings to the fort and leaves Serpo, who followed Purna at the docks, behind. The survivors board the boat and finally escape Palanai.


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  1. Purna's weapon of choice improves as the three parts to Upping the Odds for Purna are completed