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Dead Island Quests

Quests are the missions and tasks given by survivors in Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide.

Completion of quests will award various amounts of experience points, in addition to blueprints and the rescue of survivors, among other things.

Various radios scattered throughout bungalows, houses, and safe zones will broadcast pleas for help by stranded survivors, which allows the hero to take on a quest once finding the survivor in need of help.


[edit] Dead Island

[edit] Prologue

[edit] Act I

For the walkthrough see Walkthrough: Dead Island: Act I

Act I takes place on the Resort map.

Act I Main Quests

[edit] Act II

Act II takes place on the City of Moresby map.

Act II Main Quests

[edit] Act III

Dead island Act III.jpg

Act III takes place on the Jungle and Laboratory map.

Act III Main Quests

[edit] Act IV

Act IV takes place on the Prison map.

Act IV Main Quests

[edit] Dead Island Riptide

under construction. please see Category:Dead Island Riptide Quests for now. thank you.

Helen.png "A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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[edit] Trivia

  • The Dead Island Official Strategy Guide omits Chapter 9: Good News vs. Bad News, Chapter 17: Hope is the Last to Die and Chapter 18: The World Went Away. It also does not include the side quests A Tough Nut to Crack and Remains of the Damned.
  • The game files, have different names for the chapters, which are much more descriptive than the current chapter names:
    • Chapter 0 Prologue
    • Chapter 1 LifeGuard Tower Acquisition
    • Chapter 2 LifeGuard Tower Establishment
    • Chapter 3 Parking Lot
    • Chapter 4 Truck Reinforcement
    • Chapter 5 City Exploration
    • Chapter 6 Sewers
    • Chapter 7 Wealthy Class
    • Chapter 8 The Supermarket
    • Chapter 9 Police Station
    • Chapter 10 The Hotel
    • Chapter 11 The Jungle
    • Chapter 12 Mowen
    • Chapter 13 The Laboratory
    • Chapter 14 The Natives
    • Chapter 15 The Catacombs
    • Chapter 16 Prison Expedition
    • Chapter 17 The Vaccine
    • Chapter 18 Prison
    • Chapter 19 Block C
    • Chapter 20 La Grande Finale

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