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Rending Claws Mod
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Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Silver Bungalows District. In front of the bungalow with diabetic Danny in the quest Too Much Sugar. During the quest, A Ray of Hope before the hero walks down the staircase to switch all the red alarms to green, there is a table to the right in front of the bungalow with the blueprint on it.[1]
Effect(s) Bleed x3
Critical +4%
Cost $600
Parts Needed Blade x4

Bolts x4

Metal Scrap x2
Base Item Needed Badass Brass Knuckles

Brutal Brass Knuckles

Spiked Brass Knuckles
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"Regular brass knuckles may not suffice to handle someone who doesn't feel a thing and the only thing they want is to eat your face. One needs something more. The inspiration for my upgraded brass knuckles was a certain superhero - after mounting a couple sizeable blades you will level the battlefield when you're confronted with one of those freaks. I can only wish you luck, friend." — Mod Screen

The Rending Claws Mod is a Weapon Mod in Dead Island, released with the 1.3 Patch on October 20, 2011. It is modified brass knuckles with claws.

On October 27, 2011 this mod was renamed from Wolverine Claws Mod to its current name.[2]


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The game file patch has the following coding:[3]

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