River Village

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River Village
Dead island river village from above.jpg
Location(s) Location icon.png  Jungle
Survivor(s) Brian

Keenan Fisher
Mahina's Lover
Two unnamed women

Five unnamed men
Victim(s) Robin
Unnamed woman
Leader Matutero
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River Village, also known as the Huli Village[1] is a settlement in Dead Island found in the Jungle.

As the hero and Jin arrive at the village, they observe a pick-up that smashed through the gate at the entrance with a couple of dead bodies, causing them to expect the worse. As they venture into the village, they find bloodied bodies everywhere with wrecked vehicles and ruined structures. Several villagers who survived the massacre have locked themselves in their houses.


[edit] Map

Dead island river village from above MARKED.jpg

[edit] Mohakin and Matutero's hut

Dead island matutero map river village.jpg
Dead island Matutero River Village Shack 2.jpg
Dead island metal chest with shotgun and machete closet door.jpg
Dead island metal chest with shotgun and machete closet.jpg

Mohakin and Matutero explain that the zombies attacked the village, killing most of the residents. Afran's men stole the villager's guns and left them defenseless, in addition to their only boat. He asks the hero to retrieve their weapons from the swamped vehicle outside the village. Jin waits here for the rest of the time in the jungle.

At this location, Matutero gives the main quests Chasing Shadows in which the heroes must recover two weapon boxes for Matutero, Soldier of Fortune in which the hero must kill Afran in his hideout and retrieve the stolen boat.

The door to the left of Mohakin has a small closet with two metal chests inside which often have good weapons inside.

[edit] Loren's hut

Dead island loren map river village map.jpg
Dead island Loren River Village Shack.jpg

A woman named Loren is in another hut. She pleads for medical supplies to treat the injured inside, she gives the side quest Blood in the Tropics, in which the hero must find bandages in the village doctor Robin's hut and return them to her. Robin lays dead on his bed, with a knife in his head. The hero can find his keys to open the medical closet to find supplies to give to Loren.

After this quest is complete, Loren gives the continuous quest Weeds. The Hero must find and retrieve gotu kola special little red flowers for her to tend the wounded with.

[edit] Keenan and Tobias's hut

Dead island map tobias shopping.jpg
Dead island Tobias River Village Shack.jpg

Merchant Keenan Fisher and Tobias are in a hut by themselves. Tobias gives the quest The Dead in Fishing Net.

[edit] Dead in Fishing Net hut

Dead island the dead in fishing net map.jpg
Dead island The Dead in Fishing Net river village shack.jpg

The hut at the harbor of the village is infested with zombies, including a Thug. In the quest The Dead in Fishing Net, the tools that Tobias needs to repair the village gate are located in the house.

[edit] Carter and David's hut

Dead island carter map.jpg

On the hill, David and Carter are holed up in a hut where Carter mourns the loss of his wife, Katie, who was murdered by Vargass, one of Afran's men shot her because she was "in his way". Carter gives the quest Death Wish in which he seeks revenge.

[edit] Brian's hut

Dead island brian map closer.jpg

Further up the hill is another house with three men inside. Through the screen door, in the quest Ashes of Humanity Brian pleads for canned food, stating that Afran's men burned the food in the village, leaving everyone starving.

The unnamed shirtless man is called "Survivor_Act3A_022" in the game fles[2]

  • Survivor_Act3A_022_NF01", No one knows what unholy things happen in there
  • Survivor_Act3A_022_NF02", "We can't stop them… They will come for all of us

[edit] Mahina's hut

Dead island Makimbahs bride map closer.jpg Dead island makimbahs bride map.jpg

Mahina is found in one hut with a man. Makimbah in Overpass Camp ask the hero to find her in the quest A Matter of Honor.

[edit] Robin's hut

Dead island BLOOD IN THE TROPICS quest sheet AFTER 2.jpg Dead island LOREN map closer.jpg

Hut has bandages for Loren for the quest Blood in the Tropics.

[edit] Sam's bunker

Dead island sam part of river village left corner.jpg
Dead island bunker a wounded crank sam (2).jpg

The bunker where Sam is hiding and who gives the quest A Wounded Crank is part of the River Village.

[edit] Two women hut

Two unnamed women are found in another hut who do not speak. One is injured while the other sits on the floor, holding her legs as she rocks back and forth.

[edit] Man in hut

There is an unnamed man in the house next to Mahina's hut.

[edit] Empty river shack

Dead island the dead in fishing net WEST SHACK map.jpg
Dead island the dead in fishing net WEST SHACK.jpg

Empty shack along river.

[edit] Mowen's Boat

Dead island river village mowen's boat.jpg

Late in the game, Mowen's Boat to the Laboratory is next to The Dead in Fishing Net quest hut.

[edit] Survivor Dialogue

Dialogue of the survivor in the game files. Often portions of this text has changed or is not used in the final version of the game. It is unknown which unnamed survivor in the village is labeled as "River Village Survivor" as there are no one who speak the following lines.

[edit] Gallery

See River Village/Gallery

[edit] References

  1. In A Matter of Honor quest, Makimbah says his wife can be found in Huli Village, which is the River Village.
  2. Mod:Game Text