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Ryder White
Dead island ryder white bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Banoi High-security Prison
Quest Chaos Overture
On the Edge
Race Australian
Voice Actor Joe Hanna[1]
Occupation BIDF Colonel
Dead Island Survivors

Ryder White is a survivor in Dead Island. He is a colonel with the Banoi Island Defense Force who communicates with the hero in Chaos Overture, providing directions for escape. Ryder has also been in contact with the survivors at the Golden Beach Bungalow, advising they evacuate to the Lifeguard Tower. When the hero is able to communicate with Ryder once more at the hotel with Dominic, it is revealed that he is on the prison island and is dealing with his injured wife, Emily White.


[edit] History

Ryder was with the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), the Australian version of the British SAS. Ryder fought in Iraq, East Timor, and Afghanistan.[2]

[edit] Dead Island: Ryder White's Campaign

Dead island ryder white logo.JPG

In a classified location two weeks before the outbreak, on July 18, 2006, Ryder White, a colonel in the Australian Defense Force is being interviewed. The commanding officer asks Ryder if he is willing to follow any and all orders, including killing the enemy without hesitation. These orders could include killing civilians for the greater good. Ryder answers yes. The commanding officer slides across a photos of a young girl and fellow officer, asking if Ryder would kill them. Ryder answers yes. When the third photo of Ryder's wife is slid across the table, Ryder hesitates then answers yes sir. Behind a one way mirror, two observers discuss Ryder's answer. The woman asks if the man if Ryder won't pull "push the button" for his wife. The man answers that Ryder hesitated in answering so that is why Ryder has been reassigned to Banoi, whose wife has already been there for six months. The man thinks his wife is the best chance of slowing Ryder from bombing the island after the outbreak occurs.

Present day and Ryder is flying in a helicopter towards the Moresby slums, with the helicopter pilot, another solider behind the pilot, and Lewington, who coughs and appears to be sick. As the helicopter flies over a bridge (possibly the overpass), the helicopter pilot is concerned that their are still people below. Ryder says this is irrelevant and commands the helicopter pilot to bomb the bridge. As the helicopter is flying over Moresby, Lewington turns into a zombie and lunges for the helicopter pilot. The helicopter crashes into the Moresby slums, in the Queenscliffe neighborhood. Ryder is the only survivor and climbs out of the helicopter.

In the beginning quest The Eagle Has Landed, the base calls Ryder as he walks through Moresby at night. Ryder explains that the helicopter, code name "Super 64", has crashed and there are no survivors. Ryder asks for unit 4 to pick him up after destroying the bridge. The base says that they had lost contact with unit 4. Ryder said he will reconnoiter (make a military observation) of the area and see if he can find unit 4. Ryder must now find Unit 4 in sector 1.

Ultimately, Ryder finds that the Banoi Island Defense Force units dispatched to Moresby have been killed, both by zombies and punks. He ambushes and kills a crowd of punks at the Moresby Police Station in order to secure explosives for the Oldtown Bridge. After making his way through the sewers, he reaches the surface at the bridge. He finds a group of armed citizens at the bridge and is ordered to take them out. Afterwards, the bridge is armed with explosives and destroyed as a result. Ryder then makes his way to the Moresby Gas Station and is extracted by Super 25 after defending himself from the zombies.

Instead of heading to the military ship for evacuation, he tells the Super 25 Pilot to head for the Banoi High-security Prison to get his wife, who had refused to evacuate earlier. Unfortunately, Emily was already bitten and is infected with the virus amidst the prison chaos. He is forced to work with Charon to get the supposed antidote from the heroes (Purna, Xian Mei, Sam B, and Logan). With Charon's help, he is able to gas the survivors in the elevator and steal the antidote. Once the medicine has been secured, he heads to the rooftop with Emily and is ready to evacuate.

[edit] Dead Island

[edit] Chaos Overture

When the elevator crashes to a stop, Ryder talks to the hero, stating that they need a weapon. The hero walks towards the storage room but level 50 infected charge after the hero, causing them to flee down another corridor.

[edit] On the Edge

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While the survivors ride the elevator up to White, he releases a knock out gas, making the heroes fall unconscious. While the heroes are unconscious White steals the antidote and takes the long way to the helicopter, Kevin shows up and wakes the heroes up and tells them to take the short way and he and the other two will take the long way. The survivors run the dangerous way there, encountering many Rams, Suiciders and Thugs. the survivors make it to the roof, but White deploys his BIDF Soldiers to kill them. The heroes go into a long fight with them.The survivors get to the helipad where White has them all at gunpoint. Jin looks at his zombified wife (who has been strapped down) and walks over to her. Jin pulls the straps off and his wife runs up and bites White. Ryder then shoots Jin twice and she plummets to her death. Ryder injects the cure into himself but it causes him to mutate. Infected, White charges at the survivors and knocks them down with the force of a Ram. The heroes kill the abomination that used to be Ryder White, and Kevin hastens them to get in the helicopter. As they leave the radio tunes into a news report outside the island. Logan says he would be glad to have his old problems back as long as things were the way they used to be. Kevin says things will never be the same again.

[edit] Trivia

Dead island ryder talking to survivors hidden location developer mode map.jpg
Dead island ryder talking to survivors hidden location developer mode.jpg
  • Before his name and identity were revealed, Ryder was referred to as The Voice, though it was actually Charon speaking.
  • Ryder's control station, while meant to be at the prison, is found on the Resort map. Like many games, Dead Island has all cutscenes in the game area they take place.
  • In the official game guide, it incorrectly states that Sinamoi was the voice on the hotel PA system when the hero was trying to escape. It was actually Charon, impersonating Ryder White.
  • In Ryder White's campaign his helicopter is called "Super 64" This was also the name of one of the helicopters that was shot down in the movie Black Hawk Down.[3]

[edit] Survivor Dialogue

Dialogue of the survivor in the game files. Often portions of this text has changed or is not used in the final version of the game.

[edit] Video

Dead Island - Ryder White Campaign DLC Unlocked
Opening of Ryder White's Campaign

Begin text: "I’ve seen some real shit holes in my time. Been all over the world, you see. I was with the SASR. The Aussie version of the British SAS. Fought in Iraq, East Timor, and Afghanistan. Each of those places was worse then the next. The politicians want to turn them into Western Democracies, but they’re primitive. Tribal. Steeped in all kinds of crazy shit. They don’t want us there. Just like they don’t want us here. Of all the brutal, chaotic places I’ve been, Banoi takes the bloody cake. They got warring tribes in the highlands, Raskol gangs terrorizing the shantytowns, and some bloody billionaire has the brilliant idea to build this luxury resort. Guess the land was cheap and it is a beautiful place, but deep in the jungles here, some of those indigenous tribes still practice cannibalism. You know what they call human flesh. Long pig. They say it tastes just like pork. My wife convinced me to come here with her because she thought I’d be safer. Out of the line of fire as it were. So now I’m training the local Banoi defense force and I gotta be honest. I got a bad feeling about this place. A real bad feeling."[2]

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[edit] References

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