Safe Haven

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Safe Haven
Location(s) Location icon.png  Halai
Quest Giver Maggie
Reward Epic Tanto
Dead Island Riptide Quests

Safe Haven is a quest in Dead Island Riptide. It is given by Maggie, who can be found at the safe zone in Halai.

[edit] Overview

Maggie was a part of group of friends, who left to go find a supposed safe haven in the city of Henderson, but they have not returned. Maggie has grown to be very worried and enlists the hero's help in finding her friends. She says there were supposed to stop by a camp at a tree house in the jungle.

At the tree house, the hero finds a note that informs Maggie that her friends are doing okay, there are food and supplies at the camp. It also states that the team is planning on searching for a better camp west of the tree house.

At the camp to the west, another note can be found. The note reveals that the camp was overrun and the group was able to escape and they headed further inland. The note also reveals that the author was bitten on the hand and he believes he escaped major injury.

At the small campsite in a cave south of Mataka Village, a third note is found. The note reveals that the group met a local man who agreed to lead them to Henderson. They left the camp for the city as soon as it was morning.

At Motel "Safe Haven" in south Henderson, a note is found in a room. It reveals that the friend was infected and locked in a room. The others who were in a separate room, were killed. The friend died soon afterwards.

When Maggie is informed of her friends' fate, she quietly accepts their fate and awards an epic Tanto for the hero's help.

[edit] Letters to Maggie

  • SAFEHEAVEN_LETTER01: Maggie: We made it to the tree house. We have plenty of food and supplies. Tomorrow we're going west - we really hope that we can find more permanent shelter. Those things can't be everywhere.
  • SAFEHEAVEN_LETTER02 Maggie: We reached the edge of the backwaters, and this place is completely overrun. They attacked us, and I escaped major injury - thankfully I was only bitten on the hand. It could have been much worse. We've decided to turn around and go further inland. I pray we can find someplace that's safe.
  • SAFEHEAVEN_LETTER03: Maggie: Things are bad, really bad. Those things are everywhere but we met a local man who showed us a way to Henderson. Tonight we're hiding in a cave - it's simply too dangerous to move around in the dark. Tomorrow we're going to try and finally reach the town.
  • SAFEHEAVEN_LETTER04: I'm infected - it must have been the bite. The others have locked me in a room, and I'm thinking about killing myself. I fear that no matter what I'm going to do that I'll turn into one of those things. And that scares me more than anything, even more than the thought of dying. God, I can hear them outside, trying to get in. We're all going to die. Goodbye, Maggie. I'm sorry.