Shock Mod

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Shock Mod
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Black Hawk Down quest reward
Effect(s) Shock x1, Critical +4%
Type Shock Mod
Cost $200
Parts Needed Battery x2

Duct Tape x2

Wire x2
Base Item Needed Axe

Cane Knife
Exotic Cane Knife
Sugar Cane Knife
The Machete
Two-Handed Axe
Viking of the South

Zed's Demise
Dead island Shock Mod stats.jpgDead Island Weapon Mods
"I found that a piece of blade and some electricity is enough to stun one half-dead son of a bitch. All you have to do is use insulating tape to stick a battery and some wires to a shiv and… voila! – we’ve got a fancy toy." — Mod Screen

The Shock Mod is a blueprint in Dead Island used to modify a weapon to grant it lightning damage and a chance to electrocute enemies on contact. It is similar to the Impact Mod but only modifies bladed weapons. It can be obtained as a reward for completing the Black Hawk Down quest from Sinamoi.

In the rain, the weapon's effectiveness is much higher due to the water's impact on the electricity of the blade.[1]

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