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Shredder Mod
Dead island Shredder Mod.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Laboratory Map, Laboratory Bungalows on the rooftop of a trailer.
Cost 1000
Parts Needed Bolts x2

Circular Blade
Clamp x2
Glue x2
Metal Scrap x2
Rag x2

Steel Rod
Base Item Needed Baseball Bat
Big Baseball Bat
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"Below I described how to turn a regular baseball bat into a small, handy sawmill. You put together various sharp junk and tools then combine them to maximize the destructive force of such a club. The unfortunate punk hit with something like that will bleed out before he hits the ground." — Mod Screen

See the location video below

The Shredder Mod is a Weapon Mod in Dead Island, released with the 1.3 Patch on October 20, 2011. The weapon mod has the appearance of a more advanced version of the ripper. It is a long stick with a small circular saw on its end. It is similar to the Ripper but larger.

Unlike the Ripper, the blade does not spin.[1]

[edit] Video

Attacking with Shredder Mod
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[edit] References

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