Smuggler's Camp

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Smuggler's Camp
Dead island smuggler's camp view of camp from above treehouse.jpg
Location(s) Location icon.png  Part of Afran's Camp, Mingende Jungle
Quest Soldier of Fortune
Survivor(s) Afran's Soldiers
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Smuggler's Camp is a Dead Island location in the Crocodile Valley of the Mingende Jungle. It is one of two sections that makes up Afran's Camp, the other being the Smuggler's Marina.

The road leading to the village has several watch towers and a front gate. Down the hill is the camp where there are numerous houses, huts, buildings as well as a number of vehicles, including pick-up trucks, rowboats and a bus. Two towers stand at the front of the village which the soldiers have blocked the way in with metal sheetings, creating a barricade. At the end of the village is the marina where Mowen's Boat can be found.

Once all of the soldiers and Afran are killed in the quest Soldier of Fortune, the entire village will sit empty.


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  • There is one soldier that will continue to spawn in the third to last house of the camp that leads to the marina, despite being killed before and Soldier of Fortune being completed.

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[edit] Other smuggler location

Camp north east of the River Village. The camp consists of two dilapidated shacks with a broke down truck in front and several barrels spread about. Several Jungle Muggers are found here.

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Dead island Smuggler's Camp workbench and fact.jpg

A workbench and Fact is found in the shack.

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