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Dead island Spade.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Never randomly found on dead bodies or in containers

Location icon.png Resort Surf Shop

Location icon.pngResort Old Marina Workshop at fence entrance

Location icon.png Jungle Overpass Camp Chris and Paul's Hut

Location icon.png Jungle River Village outside of Matutero's Hut
Dead Island Weapons

The Spade is a Dead Island weapon. Normally, it is a tool used for moving dirt. The spade is different than a shovel. It is relatively weak weapon similar to a paddle.

It is a quest item required to complete the Six Feet Under quest. In Moresby's Saint Christopher's Church Owain asks the heroes to find a spade or shovel so that he can bury the dead. Shovels are always found at the resort and Moresby gas stations, but Owain will only accept a spade. Owain will NOT accept a rusty spade.[1][2]


[edit] Variations

Dead island Spade.png
Rusty Spade
Dead island Rusty Spade stats.jpg

[edit] Locations

Spades are only found in two maps, in the jungle and in the resort.[3]

Map Location Details
Jungle Overpass Camp Chris and Paul's Hut Next to the stairs of Chris and Paul's Overpass Camp hut. Inside the fortified courtyard is a set of stairs that lead up to Chris on the porch. The hero can travel here with the Fast Travel Map.[2] Dead island chris MAP closer.jpg
Dead island overpass camp chris hut.jpg
Dead island overpass camp chris hut SPADE right of stairs.jpg
Jungle River Village Matutero's Hut Two spades: on both sides of the entrance to Matutero's hut.[4]
Dead island matutero map river village.jpg
Dead island spade river village.jpg
Resort Old Marina Workshop At the entrance gate to the workshop, on the left side leaning against a blue barrel, center next to a Gas Canister. See video below
Dead island Spade at old Marina workshop with jin map.JPG
Dead island Spade at old Marina workshop with jin map closer.JPG
Dead island spade at old marina workshop too the right.jpg
Dead island spade at old marina workshop.jpg
Resort Surf Shop On the north side of the surf shop. See video below
Dead island spade RESORT surf shop MAP.JPG
Dead island spade RESORT surf shop.JPG

[edit] Trivia

  • The only difference between a spade and a shovel is the scooping tip. The very bottom edge on a spade is completely flat. Shovels are used for digging deep into the earth, while spades, with their flat tips, are used for moving dirt and other materials from one place to another. Spades are also used for evening the depth of a garden bed by leveling the soil.[5]

[edit] Video

Resort Surf Shop
Resort Old Marina Workbench

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