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Dead island tim bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Moresby, St. Christopher's Church
Quest Matter of Justice
Judgment Day
Experience Points 1,500 XP
Race Australian
Occupation Survivor
Reward Pride Gun Mod
Short-Circuit Mod
Dead Island Survivors
For the Bungalow resort victim, see Tim (victim).

Tim is a Dead Island survivor who evacuated to Moresby's St. Christopher's Church after hearing the messages being broadcasted throughout the city. He wants the hero to find a file at the Police Station about the murder of his wife in the quests Matter of Justice and Judgment Day.


[edit] Matter of Justice

Tim's wife was raped and murdered by a man named Esau but due to the outbreak, justice was never properly served. Tim would like the hero to venture to the Police Station to retrieve the file on the case to find more information about his wife's killer, stating that he does not deserve to be alive and breathing, hinting that he may seek revenge.

[edit] Judgment Day

After receiving information and location of the killer, Tim asks the hero one last favor - to retrieve a gun from his next-door neighbor's house in Queenscliffe so he can carry out revenge on Esau. He knows the gun is there because he found his neighbor's half-eaten body in the hallway before he could escape from the zombies that broke into his house. Once the hero gives Tim the gun, he will thank the hero, stating that it is judgment day and all sinners must pay.

[edit] Survivor Dialogue

Dialogue of the survivor in the game files. Often portions of this text has changed or is not used in the final version of the game.

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