Torch Mod

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Torch Mod
Location(s) Location icon.png  Resort, Counsel of Despair quest reward after completing HELP sign for James
Effect(s) Fire x1, Critical +4%
Type Fire Mod
Cost $400
Parts Needed Gas for Lighter x2

Glue x2

Rag x2
Base Item Needed Baseball Bat

Big Baseball Bat
Blunt Speaker
Bouncer's Pal
Exotic Mace
Heavy Baton
Home Run
Metal Baseball Bat
Metal Baton
Metal Kanabo
Police Baton

Wooden Baton
Dead island Torch Mod stats.jpgDead Island Weapon Mods
"Do you know how a torch works? Below you’ll find a simple way to make one. If you get a good strike in on one of these bloodthirsty madmen, he’ll light up like a Roman candle. Plus, it’s always an additional source of light for the darkest hour…" — Mod Screen

The Torch Mod is a weapon blueprint in Dead Island. It modifies blunt weaponry to do additional fire damage with a chance of conflagrating enemies. The blueprint for this weapon is rewarded by James Stein after completing the quest Counsel of Despair.

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