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In Dead Island, the hero will have access to many different vehicles to help getting around the island instead of just on foot. Plenty of cars and trucks are available for use, given they aren't destroyed or burned out from accidents.

Helicopters are used by other survivors but are unavailable to the hero.


[edit] Automobiles

Any car or truck that is not too damaged or disabled can be driven. Survivors can be transported to safe areas and all four heroes can pile into a vehicle to move quicker and safer. An automobile will only last so long before it breaks down from constant zombie bashing. The windshield also may shatter, forcing the driver to smash it out in order to see again. The following are the different types of automobiles available to be driven. Throughout the resort, Moresby, and jungle are numerous cars, station wagons, pick-up trucks, delivery trucks, ambulances, police cars, city buses, and tour buses that cannot be driven, as almost, if not all, encountered are either in ruins, burned out, or wrecked in an accident.

Name Capacity Vulnerability Benefits Speed Locations Description
Trucks (SUV) 4 seat capacity Moderately vulnerable Good for transporting goods Fast Trucks are sport utility vehicles (SUV), a vehicle built on a light-truck chassis, typically equipped with four-wheel drive for off-road ability. Trucks can be found all around the Banoi Island. A red truck spawns at the Lifeguard Tower once the quest Lazarus Rising is completed.
Dead island Armored Truck.png Armored Truck 6 seats Can take massive amounts of damage Unbreakable windshields Slow This huge armored truck was used for carrying cash to different banks in Banoi. This truck is obtained during Born to be Wild by stealing it from the Hotel Parking garage.
Truck 4 seat capacity Moderately vulnerable Good for transporting goods Fast A pickup truck is a vehicle that found exclusively in Moresby. It is a different model than the resort . The pickup is extremely rare and hard to find unless one knows where to look. It is also not so good to use due to the all the streets being blocked or crowded in Moresby.
Jeep One driver, 3 passengers Resistant to zombies - but not to Jungle Muggers' fire Off-road ability, Good for transporting goods and passengers Moderate
  • The entrance of the Jungle
  • Near the East gate of the River Village
  • Near the crashed bus in the Jungle
  • Overpass Camp
  • Near Mowen's Boat at the Laboratory
  • West of the Laboratory's entrance
The jeep is found exclusively in the Jungle and Laboratory. It is mainly used to get around quickly in the Jungle area. The jeep is probably the fastest vehicle in the whole game but also the most vulnerable to firearms due to absence of the roof.[1]

[edit] Locations

[edit] Resort

[edit] City of Moresby

[edit] Jungle

[edit] Laboratory

[edit] Boats

Logan and a possibly scrapped survivor on a boat
Row boat

Many boats line the shores of both the Resort and Moresby area. The majority are in ruins, but even the working boats are all unusable to the hero. Mowen's Boat takes the hero from area to area.

[edit] Helicopters

There are several helicopters on the island, none which the survivor can fly.

Dead island Black Hawk Down.jpg
Dead island the roof helicopter to escape.jpg

Helicopter flies past the Royal Palms
  • A second helicopter flies near the resorts in the E3 trailer video. This cutscene never made it into the final version of the game, but is probably Nikolai's helicopter.[2]

Dead island hotel bungalows mystery helicopter (2).jpg
Dead island hotel bungalows mystery helicopter.jpg
  • There is what appears to be a yellow helicopter on the map, but the area is empty.

[edit] Trivia

  • Some of the police cars at the Banoi Holiday Resort will make beeping sounds and flash their lights. The hero can turn off the police cars by interacting with the radio on the dashboard of the car. The same can be done with police cars and ambulances throughout Moresby.
  • In the beta stages of Dead Island, it appeared that boats were be available, such in a screenshot with Logan can be seen riding on a boat with another survivor in the jungle.
  • The license plate of every vehicle reads "D34D.1574ND" which is an Easter Egg for the popular leet speak which translates to "Dead Island".

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