Viking of the South

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Viking of the South
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Location(s) Location icon.png  Randomly
Creates Phoenix Mod

High Voltage Mod
Shock Mod
Short-Circuit Mod
Deathstalker Mod
Paralyzing Strike Mod
Toxic Mod

Venom Mod
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The Viking of the South is a legendary weapon in Dead Island. It is an exceptional fire axe.

It is found randomly in metal chests or dropped by an enemy.


[edit] Random potential locations

The hero can scavenge over eighty craft parts and weapons from the bodies of the dead and slain undead, metal chests, metal wardrobes, luggage, etc, called loot. The item is chosen randomly from a master list. The master list is different for each area.[1]

"Amount" is the number of other loot items which possibly can be be spawned in the same location.

Viking of the South can be sometimes found randomly in these locations:

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