Wayne (Riptide)

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Wayne (Riptide)
Dead island riptide wayne bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Pearl Sands

Location icon.png Paradise Survival Camp
Location icon.png Evacuates to Halai
Location icon.png Flees to Santa Maria Mission

Location icon.png Flees to Pinai Ferry Station
Quest Best Merchandise for Wayne
Race Indigenous Australian
Occupation Construction Worker
Thrown Weapons Merchant
Dead Island Riptide Victims
For the Resort tourist of the same name in Dead Island, see Wayne.

Wayne is a survivor in Dead Island Riptide. He is first found on the beach with Harlow after the hero is found washed ashore. He and Harlow stick around the beach looking for other survivors before heading to the Paradise Survival Camp.

Wayne returns to the camp with Harlow after they find Samuel Hardy washed ashore. When Hardy explains what is going to happen to Palanai, Wayne is horrified to find out the island will be nuked.

After Wayne evacuates to Halai with the group, he begins to act out, clearly stressed from the situation, and claims he's going to drink and party.

Wayne flees to the Santa Maria Mission with the other survivors, after nearly being bitten by a zombie in Marik's Marina.

It is revealed that while in the World War Two Japanese Tunnels, Wayne was bitten. Harlow Jordan knew this, and pushed him away, into some toxic chemicals. This caused the Kuru virus in him to mutate, turning him into a huge zombie, known as the Wrestler. Before he turned, Trevor Rogers locked him in a ferry station maintenance facility outside the tunnels, leaving the hero to put him down as the other survivors watch in horror.

[edit] Trivia

  • Wayne's bio reads:
Wayne is a construction worker. He's enjoying his time on the island and doing his best to ignore the apocalypse. He only works when he has to and doesn't mind making the odd dollar selling anything he can find.

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