Zed's Demise

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Zed's Demise
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Location(s) Location icon.png  Prison, Banoi Butcher quest reward
Creates Short-Circuit Mod

Paralyzing Strike Mod
Venom Mod
High Voltage Mod
Shock Mod
Deathstalker Mod

Toxic Mod
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Zed's Demise is a Dead Island quest reward legendary weapon received for completing the quest Banoi Butcher in Act IV.

It is an exceptional katana. Although lethal, its upgrade and repair costs are extremely expensive. Players may want to use this to only kill special zombies and not use it as their main weapon.

It can be combined with other craft parts to make the Deathstalker Mod.

[edit] Trivia

  • "Zed" is the way that the letter Z is pronounced in British and Commonwealth English, as opposed to "Zee", which is the preferred pronunciation in American English.
  • In popular fiction 'Zed' has become a slang term for zombies.
  • It is a reference to Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis's character kills an underdog of a rapist named Zed with a katana. Upon returning to his girlfriend, he says "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead."

[edit] Video

All Legendary (Rare) Weapons in Dead Island - 9:02 Zed's Demise
Dead island Zed's Demise holding.jpg
Holding Zed's Demise
Dead island Zed's Demise attacking.jpg
Attacking with Zed's Demise