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Dead island riptide zoey bust.png
Location(s) Location icon.png  Paradise Survival Camp

Location icon.png Evacuates to Halai
Location icon.png Flees to Santa Maria Mission
Location icon.png Flees to Pinai Ferry Station
Location icon.png Arrives at Henderson Harbor
Location icon.png Evacuates to Old Town Cinema

Location icon.png Flees to Fort of Henderson
Quest Electrifying
Mines Go Boom
Best Merchandise for Zoey
Weapon(s) Attack icon.png  Knife
Race Caucasian
Occupation Gun Smuggler
Blade Weapons Merchant
Reward Lightning Mod
Explosive Mines
Dead Island Riptide Survivors

Zoey is a survivor in Dead Island Riptide. She is first encountered being attacked by zombies at the Paradise Survival Camp near the Pearl Sands. She is involved with the quests Electrifying and Mines Go Boom.

The three parts to the quest Best Merchandise for Zoey can help Zoey provide more goods to sell to the hero.


[edit] Electrifying

Zoey has a plan to help bolster the camp's defenses by electrifying the fences. In order to do this, she needs car batteries, which can be scavenged from the Kiwi Campground. After Zoey learns the skill to electrify fences, she is able to electrify fences at other bases when needed to bolster defenses against the undead.

[edit] Mines Go Boom

After noticing the Suiciders blowing up, Zoey came up with the idea of making bombs using the meat left over from Suiciders when they explode as well as electronic scraps. She needs some of these components in order to make the bombs to help defend the community. After receiving the materials, Zoey makes a number of Explosive Mines and gives them to the hero.

[edit] Palanai Jungle

Zoey is first encountered at the Paradise Survival Camp, where she is hiding from the zombies with a group of survivors. After the Paradise Survival Camp is set ablaze by Marcus Villa, the survivors flee to the safe zone in Halai. At the town, they plan to contact Dr. Kessler to find out where the entrance to the underground tunnels is, due to the road to Henderson being washed out.

With knowledge that there is a passageway that leads to the tunnels at the Santa Maria Mission, Zoey and the other survivors make the short trek to Marik's Marina and board a motorboat, heading for the church ruins. Zoey resides in the enclosed area of the ruins as the immune, Colonel Hardy, Henry Boyle, and Harlow Jordan protect the ruins from the zombies as the noisy mud pump drains the flooded passageway. Once the task is done, Zoey and the survivors make their way through the tunnels and reach the Pinai Ferry Station. After Wayne mutates and is subsequently put down, Zoey and the survivors reach the cleared ferry terminal and await the ferry to arrive. Similar to the ruins, she resides in the control room as the defenders protect the station from the zombies. With the ferry docked, the survivors climb aboard and set sail across the Sunshine Bay.

[edit] Henderson

Docking in Henderson Harbor, Zoey and the survivors wait for the hero to clear the harbor before venturing away from the dock. They take refuge in an abandoned shop and decide to move to the Old Town Cinema. Once the cinema is cleared out of zombies, its owner rescued, and the shutters activated, the survivors relocate to their new refuge. She resides behind the snack counter as the hero finds help at the military base and then figures out how to signal the rescue helicopter. Zoey is disappointed after the helicopter's crew only wanted the immune survivors, and when the helicopter is shot down.

When Frank Serpo is found at the Fort of Henderson, where the helicopter crashed, the survivors relocate once more, with Marvin carrying Zoey, narrowly escaping zombies that chased after them. To find a possible escape route, the hero ventures through the Henderson Quarantine Zone to the Docks District, where a boat is found and is brought to the fort, which allows Zoey and the survivors to finally escape the city as well as the island itself.

[edit] Trivia

  • Zoey does not appear in every major cutscene, such as when Wayne turns, arriving at the cinema, and when the rescue by helicopter attempt fails. Despite not appearing, she is still with the survivors until the end of the game.
  • While Zoey escapes Palanai with the other survivors, she, along with Henry Boyle, is not seen in the final cutscene. It is possible she is downstairs in the boat while the final cutscene takes place.
  • In the Pre-Alpha gameplay footage for Dead Island Riptide, Zoey is seen wearing different clothing. She dons a green tank-top and purple shorts, whereas in the final version, she wears a purple tank-top and green shorts.[1]
  • Zoey's bio reads:
A gun runner, she arrived in Palanai to make a deal with local smugglers, but the monsoon and the outbreak caused a major change in her plans. She gathers and repairs useful weapons.

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